Are Emails Still Important?

All the back and forth during the campaign of 2016 about the emails from Sec. Clinton…..some even say that it was this issue that brought the mighty Clinton clan down……

But are they still as important now as they were during the campaigns?

(I will give a long pause to give the Right thuugs a chance to contemplate their answer)

If the election has not dampened their resolve then the subject of emails would still be of importance…..

If so, is that all email?

Vice President-elect Mike Pence has gone to court to make sure that the American people never get to see the emails that he wrote as governor of Indiana.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Mike Pence is going to court to argue that all of his emails should not be made public:

Now that the presidential campaign and most of the furor over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal are behind us, the Pence administration is going to court to argue for its own brand of email secrecy.

The administration is fighting to conceal the contents of an email sent to Gov. Mike Pence by a political ally. That email is being sought by a prominent Democratic labor lawyer who says he wants to expose waste in the Republican administration.

The Mike Pence who is going to court to argue that his emails should remain a secret is the same guy who just spent months on the presidential campaign trail campaigning against Hillary Clinton because she used a private email server. Clinton also did something that Pence is fighting not to do. She released her emails to the public.

Hypocrisy will be the norm in the Trump/Pence administration, but the bigger question is what is Mike Pence hiding? Why doesn’t Pence want the American people to see his emails?

Both Trump and Pence favor increasing spying on American citizens, and less transparency for themselves. The incoming administration is destined to be the least transparent in US history.


Now that the shoe is on the other foot…I expect there to be some push back by the Right wing thugs…..after all who is better at hypocrisy?


24 thoughts on “Are Emails Still Important?

  1. What’s funny is that their public service doesn’t extend to the email account provided to them as a result of that public service. Clinton had her personal email server emails leaked through a hack of a personally owned system. John Podesta had his Gmail account, not government account, leaked through a phishing attack (the Government could use Gmail, who knows). The fact he wants to keep his emails private, on purpose, sends up my interest radar and think about what he’s hiding.

    On a side topic, slightly related, I’m continuously entertained by how people think they actually have privacy on the Internet without actually taking steps to, well, keep their shit private. Browser histories aren’t traceable through Tor. Email source is encrypted with services like ProtonMail (Yes, I use it too). I no longer trust that companies offering “free” services are actually doing it for our benefit. Your a source of information and therefore, you’re seen as a $, plain and simple.

  2. The emails are not important anymore.She is no longer in an official capacity to make use of them. It is just like the alleged war crimes committed from 2000-2008.It’s all gone now… the principals are no longer in power…. no longer relevant on the world stage…. It is just like the failed Obama administration … soon tgo be a vague memory… no longer relevant. No, the emails are no longer an issue.

      1. Oh no… I have one myself, you see. I have no disdain for people with a college education but there is a difference between dumb asses who get through college and get a degree and those who actually study and earn their degrees and come out with actual education…. big difference indeed…. and I have seen both kinds … a lot!

  3. I find it strange that the emails brought her down. There are so many other things that we can list!! I have nothing against a female pres., but please – not her!

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