What About Li’l Kim?

First, I am a foreign policy wonk so this post is NOT about some hip-hop celeb…..but rather that little thorn in America’s ass in North Korea.

in case people are not sure what the Hell I speak of…..for over a decade the US has been trying to force North Korea from experimenting and achieving nuke weapons….and now we have a brand spanking new president…..so what will his position be?

No one knows right now…..but there is something for him to consider…..

North Korea’s underground nuclear test on 9 September 2016 marks its fifth since 2006, and the first time that it conducted two in the same year. This is in addition to the country’s series of test launches of mid-range surface-to-air and submarine-launched missiles, although with mixed successes. The growing frequency of these activities indicates North Korea’s steady progress in its nuclear and missile programs, including the miniaturization of a nuclear weapon that could fit into an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). More importantly, it highlights how a decade of sanctions imposed by the international community has failed to induce any meaningful change in the behavior of the North Korean regime toward abandoning its nuclear weapons program.

Source: A Decade Of North Korea’s Nuclear Tests And Failure Of Sanctions Regime – Analysis – Eurasia Review

I am by no stretch of the imagination an Asian expert….with that said it would seem that if a certain solution has been tried for over a decade and there has been little to no success….why keep doing the same thing over and over…..it sounds like commonsense because….it is.

Maybe now would be a good time to try something different….the worse that it would do is the same thing it is doing now…..

What say you?


12 thoughts on “What About Li’l Kim?

      1. If the sanctions aren’t working then we need to make them absolute and permanent and somenbody needs to take their nuke capability out and I think that should be the Chinese. I think all of North Korea should become a wholly-owned subdivision of China.

  1. I see North Korea, at least temperamentally, like I see Iran. Both are legitimate countries depending on who you ask and both are only asking (pleading) to be a member of the global community. My thoughts on the nuclear deal we struck with Iran aside, the outcome has been a much more compliant Iran and a willing participant in some cases to world politics. North Korea, I believe, wants the same thing and has been doing it their way for so many years they don’t know any different. We should lift the sanctions in exchange for their agreement to end their nuclear program. Amazing things can happen when you treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve.

      1. There are still plenty of military actions going on in the Middle East that aren’t nuclear, the money river isn’t stopping anytime soon unfortunately.

  2. What say I? I say they’re ALL insane. The NK’s are a little more insane than most, because they’ve been and isolated culture for centuries, not just in this one or the last. In the world-wide picture, I don’t see ANY particular country I would call sane, so, why should NK be any different….

    Essentially, what we have is a large group of insane children, all armed to the teeth…. How can we expect any sanity, until we stop allowing our most insane people to pretend they are leading the way?….

    gigoid, the dubious

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