Why Trump Won

This will be my last couple of days to post on trying to explain the Trump victory….the American people have spoken…well the electoral college has spoken….I will focus on my forte…international relations and conflict management……that is unless something spectacular comes to light and then I will have to weigh in……after all I am an opinionated SOB.

The dream is DEAD!  This was the closest a woman will get to the White House in my lifetime…..of course I reserve the right to contradict myself…..it is the American way…..

There are millions of people waking up this day and scratching their heads at the loss of the election by Clinton and many are asking one simple question……what happened?

Complicated? Americans just elected to the presidency a candidate who the vast majority don’t like and consider dishonest, lacking the temperament and the experience to lead the country. They chose him even as broad majorities oppose his signature policies from building a wall to mass deportations to tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Complicated doesn’t begin to describe it. Here are some common-sense reflections on this political tsunami.

Source: Why Trump Won | The Nation

Personally, I seldom underestimate the capable voter to demand change…..but the change they demand is seldom real change….just change at the top…..as far as society goes it is never about that…..

The Dems have to an “autopsy” on party politics…apparently what they are doing now is not working……I mean they have lost all control in the states….if they have an agenda then it is not what the American people want….time to buck up and do the right thing……ask the people what is important…..not Wall Street.

Another thing to watch is the GOP…..will they fall in-line with the Trump vision or will they work against him…..my guess is they are cowards and will forgo their principles for the cushy crap offered by Trump.

My major concern is Pence……as a VP he has some power…he is a theocratic politician and I see some religious rights being stepped on…..


26 thoughts on “Why Trump Won

  1. I see the GOP just falling in line with Trump and blocking the stuff that people complain about. The “people” have little power to influence unless there is a unilateral alignment of the stars and a majority of people in a majority of states are saying the same thing. A change at the top is visible and easy; a change in the middle (House, Senate) isn’t as easy as it requires more coordination that often does not happen.

    I never saw Clinton from the perspective of “the first woman” in the Presidency. What I am trying to figure out is whether Trump won because he was a “protest” against the establishment or the fact Clinton as a woman didn’t have as big an impact when compared to her avalanche of controversy. Either way, it’s up to history to judge now.

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  2. From my Dutch view the election of this “person” is incomprehensable and irrisponsable. I can’t understand that people fall for this cheap talk and don’t get that this just telling them what they want to hear. In effect he will do just his fancy. I am very sorry for you and everyone with some plane common sense in the US. I wish you strength and wisdom.
    Because I am worried about the US and the shadows it will cast on the world, on the EU,on my country, on my life.

    1. Thanx for the concern…I feel a wee bit bad deep down…but like I have said I want to see who he puts in his government that will be very telling….chuq

  3. “Après moi, le déluge!” What sayest thou that after Trump there will likely be no more “dems” or “GOP’s”? To deal with Trumpism the people will probably have to learn that when he says “forward” he means “backward” and when he says, “up” it’s going to go “down” and in the end his legacy will be chaos in disappointment, distrust, disunity, dysfunction and dummying-down, perhaps even disaster. That’s one theory. On the other hand, he’s made some powerful and murderous enemies. The real ruling cabal may have lost the popular vote this time, but the popular vote was never of great concern for them. The powers essentially remain the same, a figure head president isn’t going to be allowed to touch that, unless it’s a set up. As for Trump himself, his character to date says it all, hence my opening quote. He’s a narcissist and all he’s going to do is embed himself into the power structure for his own benefit. If he behaves and accepts his handlers they won’t assassinate him, they’ll buy him, give him a Nobel peace prize, some women to grope along with another prize as champion of women’s rights and there won’t be any contradictions, just business as usual.

  4. I am becoming convinced what happened is an example of the long term effects of an entire society basing most of its actions on illusions. No matter how powerful imagination may be, illusions remain separate from actual reality, and cannot change anything on a permanent basis. Yet, nearly every member of humanity behaves just as if everything they believe is real…. Is it any wonder culture and society are in constant turmoil?

    The American voting public, exactly like every voting public in today’s world, hasn’t a single clue about how the world works, (the greatest majority of them have no clue as to their own nature…), so it is no surprise they are becoming increasingly unpredictable, or that the scenarios playing out on the public stage are increasingly chaotic.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I think you’re touching on the fact that man’s “system” has gone rogue and surpassed man’s ability to drive and control it. This has happened before and academia has been quick to cover up by calling up any number of catastrophic natural events as the cause of the downfall. There never was, and is, nothing “natural” about these collapse of civilization. You take a car and you send it careening down a highway, pushing it to the limit, then realizing you can’t control it, let go of the controls… that isn’t going to bring it back in line, quite the contrary. I think it’s David Suzuki who said that modern society is like a group of people sitting in a SUV travelling over 100 miles and hour heading for a cement wall and all they can do is argue as to who has the best seat. Consciously or subconsciously we know we can’t fix this so we try to make the best of it. I think it’s Ernest Hemingway who wrote in “A Farewell to Arms” that a man should make himself as comfortable as possible when he knows he’s about to die.

      1. Basically, I’d agree with your take on what I said… Our nature, or rather, our lack of understanding of that nature, is the root of the problem…. and, who has ever been successful in changing our nature? Nobody I can find, other than rare individuals…

        If I am going to die, at my own pace and according to my own choices, then I’d agree with Ernie; if it’s because of the actions of another, then, I would, because of my own nature, have to exact a toll for interfering. I would require them to precede me in dying, to show me the way….


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