How politicians, pollsters and media missed Trump’s groundswell

Once again the pollsters and the pundits got it wrong.  In 2012 they had the election a toss up and Obama screamed through to victory and in 2016 they were solidly behind a Clinton win….

Guess what?  They were wrong……….they were slapped down…..again!

They were wrong about all the so-called “battleground” states….Trump swept them…..NO one understood the anger of the American people…..Can you hear them now?

The failure of pollsters, politicians and media to recognize the Trump groundswell was on the level of Dewey defeats Truman.

That is one of the most significant lessons of the 2016 presidential election, in which Donald Trump overcame the doubts of a majority of reporters, pollsters and political scientists who believed Hillary Clinton was headed for a decisive victory.

Source: How politicians, pollsters and media missed Trump’s groundswell – Nov. 9, 2016

This should do nothing to instill confidence in the media……and the Dems they had better find a way to connect with the American people or they will be ripe for failure onto of failure……

Have they learned their lesson?

We shall see…….


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