Armed And Dangerous?

6 days and counting……..

Recently that mental midget Rep. Walsh from Illinois made the comment that if “Trump loses he will grab his musket”… he is either talking about a gun of some sort or his wanker….personally I think he is lacking the later….so a gun it is…..

Sadly there have been several such comments from those on the Right…..there was something I read that said that about half the people expect violence after the election…..

How long will it be before someone gets shot by a Donald Trump supporter in what the shooter may likely consider an act of patriotic civil disobedience? Or before someone uses a gun against right-wing vigilantes?

There is no shortage of evidence pointing toward some violent outburst surrounding the presidential election results. Reporters interviewing Trump supporters at rallies, national polls showing likely voters are expecting Election Day violence, consumer-trend tracking firms saying demand is rising for gun purchases, and rhetoric from the longstanding cadre of right-wing loudmouths, all suggest some type of ugly response.

“Sixteen percent of Americans plan on buying a gun as a result of the upcoming election,” said a press release Thursday from Elementum, “the real-time supply chain platform company, who polled 2,000 Americans from October 20-24 and found that among those living in the South, 19 percent will buy guns and among Gen Xers, the number is nearly 23 percent, especially among women, 24 percent.”

Source: As Election Day Nears, 1 in 6 Americans Say They’re Buying Guns and Half of Voters Expect Violence | Alternet

Am I saying I am expecting violence after the election?  NO I am NOT!

But there is a story circulating that there could be the possibility of violence….and to be fair there are those saying any such notion is just wrong…..

Is it possible that enraged Trump supporters, convinced the election has been stolen through a massive fraud, could rise up in an armed insurrection, splitting the country? Sure, just about anything is theoretically possible. But how many Americans really will wake up on Wednesday, November 9, ready to pick up their firearms and start a civil war? Almost certainly not enough to succeed. Winning a presidential election is difficult, but it’s still a lot easier than toppling the United States government.

Source: Trump Supporters’ ‘Armed Revolution’ Overhyped by Left-Wing Media | National Review

There is the tagline that this will be a “rigged” election which possibly lead some misguided person to resort to violence….but a large scale revolt….doubtful!



33 thoughts on “Armed And Dangerous?

  1. Honestly, I expected fatal violence months ago, when the unfiltered outpouring of racism, sexism, and profanity during the primaries were at their peak. I hate how Trump was egging it all on to encourage violence and then play the victim when the anti-Trumpers couldn’t take it anymore. I hate more how some democrats fell for it…didn’t they realize they were playing into his hands? I was waiting for reports of street fights, knifings, and full on rioting. Maybe it’s coming, but I think the pressure’s on to make a last sane political stance, because that’s what we’re supposed to be for. What scares me is I don’t know where we’re going from here. If Trump loses, it just means there’ll be another version in 2020 to contend with. We’re a top trying not to tip over, and we’ve already been wobbling a while.

    1. I have entered a comment with a new link about the possibility…..check it out….the best we can do is wait and see….if the threats are real then we and in trouble and how it is handled will be fodder for the media….chuq

  2. I am reminded of the old B-Grade Western movies I used to watch with my Grandpa. There were lynchings and shootings over election issues … a sherrif would be elected and the bad guys would gun him down … votes would be bought and sold over whiskey and rye liquor and in the presence of bawdry babes in honkey tonk outfits in saloons while the ragtime piano pounded out a tune and the good guy would ride to town on his white horse, in his white hat and save the day with his twin matched pearl-handled Colt 45s. There is always the possibility that some nut case somewhere might do something stupid because of this election but I am more convinced that once it is all said and done, the American People will do what The American People usually do — they will roll over, scream and bitch for awhile and then go on about their daily lives as if none of it ever happened or as if none of it ever mattered.

    1. Under normal circumstances I would agree but not when there are heavily armed militias that are threatening…if they do not carry out their threats then the nation will see that they are just the loud mouth morons we think they are…and that will be good.

      1. I am sure that every one of those groups has been infiltrated by active law enforcement by now. That is a tactic we used when I was associated with an un-named agency for awhile some years ago. There were “Plants” in the membership of each group being monitored.

      2. Then you need not worry about any travel…..but you were concerned about some list that may have it in for your blog….could be related

      3. Remember the “Cliven Bundy” standoff fiasco? Plenty of armed militias who went up there and did nothing but preen and prance and talk and threaten and run like hell when someone released a rumor they had been targeted for a drone strike.

  3. My friend, whatever the presstitutes of lamestream media say to please their leash holding masters, it’s clear that “America” as an entity is in deep sheep. Its social dysfunction and economic woes are mounting and the future (unlike the Telus ad) isn’t friendly. More and more tax money is funneled into military and “security” forces whose purpose is to try to overwhelm the world with dire threats while putting increasing pressure on Americans to conform to ever more repressive and racist security and police actions. With growing injustice and millions pushed out of the social security net; with unpayable and mounting debts, rioting, mob rule, attempted revolution and a coup is in the works. If either criminals, Trump or Killer Ray, win the election, there is going to be fear and anger to burn. Not everybody will feel it at first, the fire that has been smoldering will probably not spread quickly. But you will see flare-ups that won’t be easily put down short of massive death tolls, and that’s what is going to push the whole country over the edge. When massacres by the security/police/para-military forces begin to take place and lamestream media can’t hide them, everything will change – for the worst. Geez Louize, am I repeating myself? 🙂 In my opinion, the best piece of prophtic literature to surface in recent times is “The Hunger Games.” Every American and Canadian should read this trilogy, or at least watch the movie, although it cannot “make the point” the trilogy does. This is it, the beginning of… The Hunger Games. {Let me know if my comments are too long, unwanted, or if I should go comment somewhere else. Just don’t ever ask me to say anything in ten words or less, I’d have to cut off my hands at the wrists… 🙂

    1. Your comments are fine,,,no excellent…I would never tell a loyal reader to shorten up. I appreciate your passion and as for Hunger Games…I will never read I gave up fiction 50 years ago but I will keeop it in mind…..chuq

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