What Is ISIS’ Problem?

Today the fight against ISIS is not that newsworthy….that is unless some jackass wants to pop in and spout some racist crap then bow out……regardless what the two clowns are doing that want to be president…the battles still rage (not right now there is ceasefire in place that is holding at least for now)….but the dying will return.

These days in the news it is all about the massive ass kicking that the allies and even Syria and its allies are inflicting on ISIS and its minions.  Well not so much…but it should be.

What could explain all this?

First, all the damage inflicted on ISIS could they be running out of fighters?

As the pressure on the Islamic State (ISIS) mounts against the backdrop of coalition attacks and a Kurdish offensive in Syria’s Raqqa region, militant recruitment has become a pressing matter for the radical organization, which has lost many fighters in clashes around Iraq and Syria.


While these strategies succeeded initially, they appear more difficult to maintain in the wake of the continuous coalition, Kurdish and Shia militia attacks on ISIS. The counteroffensives have killed many militants and disrupted the transfer of goods between regions under the organization’s control. Naji’s governance tool appears to be faltering as residents of ISIS-controlled areas increasingly complain of rising food and fuel prices and declining services. The price of staples such as bread has also risen significantly and basic products have become scarce.

Source: ISIS Is Running Short of Recruits  (Newsweek–not a source that I normally use for accurate info on terrorism…but this one made some good points)…….

Women in ISIS are mostly for the male fighters to wed or make concubines, etc….but lately there has been an uptick in women carrying out terror attacks….

Whether out of desperation or by design, the so-called Islamic State has turned to women and children to try to carry out a new wave of attacks in France, and possibly elsewhere.

The first disturbing hint of the conspiracy came Sunday a week ago, when a car was found abandoned early in the morning near Notre Dame Cathedral, a prime tourist destination at the historical and religious heart of Paris. In the trunk were five large canisters of cooking gas, and three bottles of diesel fuel.

Source: Now ISIS Is Turning Women Into Cannon Fodder in France – The Daily Beast

Is ISIS turning to women now that their losses of male fighters and lack of recruits because of the War on Terror?

Another aspect to ISIS losing the ideological war……Wahhabism….that ultra-conservative brand of Islam that originated in Saudi Arabia is quickly losing its luster with people of the Middle East…

An Islamic conference was held Aug. 25-27 in Chechnya’s capital, Grozny, and senior Sunni scholars from various Sunni schools attended. The meeting was sponsored by Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. The conference aimed at introducing “Sunni identity” and determining its adherents.

The closing statement limited the Sunni community to “Ash’aris, Maturidis by belief, followers of the four jurisprudential schools of Sunnism (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali) and followers of pure Sufism in terms of ethics and chastity. Any other sects are not included in the Sunni community.” This clearly indicates that, in the participants’ view, Wahhabism is not considered part of Sunni Islam, but rather an emerging innovation (Bid’ah) in Islam.

That is not an item that will make it into the nightly news but it should….for this one item is of great importance when dealing with the subject of Islam….
Finally I wrote a post awhile back that asked an important question…..”Is Terrorism On The Decline”?
I would say yes….for like in the 1970’s it served its purpose and now it is on the decline…..but decline does not mean defeated….there is still a ways to go.

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