Terrorism On Decline?

In the last year terrorism has made some amazing headlines……from San Berindino to Paris to Brussels to Orlando and most recently Istanbul…..of course there are the daily bombs going off somewhere in the world…..it appears as the world is awash in terrorists and their attacks, right?

If the broadcast news is one’s only option for current events then the world is doomed…..according to the reports we are receiving from the MSM….but there is evidence that the attacks are in decline (for now)……

I am sure that somewhere there is a mental midget that will take exception to this statement……(mostly bloggers with a very limited amount of knowledge)

Attacks are in decline, according to a in-depth report…..and in the West it is not the case….but read the report for yourself…..

The number of worldwide terrorist attacks declined in 2015 from the previous year, as did the number of related fatalities, according to new data from the Global Terrorism Database.

That may come as a surprise, at a time when mass terror attacks like the one on Tuesday at the airport in Istanbul, which killed 41 people, continue to dominate the news. The data, in fact, shows that the number of attacks and fatalities rose in Western Europe and North America. But the attacks declined in the Middle East and North Africa, where most terrorist activity takes place, bringing down the global number. (The Istanbul attack, which will be categorized with the Middle East and North Africa region, won’t be added to the database until June 2017, along with the ones in Orlando and elsewhere this year.)

Source: Terrorism Declined Last Year — But Not In The West | FiveThirtyEight

Again if one took the time to read the press they will see that it makes the case that they are in decline…..just not in the West…..

The official news from the MSM is that ISIS is on the run…..it is now on defensive footing rather than offensive……all the “official” news is that we may soon celebrate the destruction of ISIS….but should we take this to heart?

There’s a broad consensus in the analytical community that the Islamic State’s legitimacy would be damaged if it lost its government—the only debate is over how much. A state without a state would be a laughingstock, the argument goes, which I agree with in the main. But if the group’s previous incarnation is any indication, the laughter will be a long time coming—perhaps as long as a generation.

The Islamic State suffered ridicule for its outsized ambitions early on. When the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq dissolved the organization and proclaimed the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq in 2006, jihadis scoffed. How could a rebel group that controlled little territory possibly convince anyone that it was an actual state? The Islamic State’s rejoinder that it was a state because it was trying to behave like a state fell flat.

……Read on…….

Source: Don’t celebrate ISIS setbacks too soon | Brookings Institution

There is some proof that terrorism is on the decline……

The State Department’s 2015 Country Reports on Terrorism came out earlier this month. It will no doubt be overshadowed by events, as it deals with overseas rather than domestic terror and appeared ten days before the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. But it helps to explain the roots of America’s terrorism problem.

The document purports to be an objective review of the year’s terrorist incidents as well as an overview of some of the players, and it includes a discussion of “violent extremism” issues region by region and country by country. It is a valuable resource that provides considerable information on the various militant groups and the crimes attributed to them. But it is nevertheless a government document.

Source: The Decline of Terror in the West? | The American Conservative

There will be some that are dubious about this….but I expect that from those that spend more time reading food packaging than news….I know there will be those that will dispute this post….however they would be the ones with the food packaging….

5 thoughts on “Terrorism On Decline?

  1. It was with interest that I read in the Huffington Post that the average number of people killed in America by Jihadists was 2 a year (after 9/11) yet the average annual number of Americans killed by todlers with their parent’s guns = 21! And those Americans by fellow Americans 11,000. Let’s get to work on the Toddlers Mr Trump in your first hour in office.

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