Will The “Trump Agenda” Live On?

There is some debate that even if Trump loses the 2016 election (God forbid) that his unique brand of nationalism will live on and possibly invade the very core of the GOP….I know there are many of his supporters that like his brand of “rhetoric and his brand of “telling it like it is”……all of which will have NO place in politics moving forward from the election.

But keeping with the trend of “telling it like it is”…….Trumpism will end with Trump

There’s a suspicion that Donald Trump’s candidacy will have an epochal effect on the Republican Party. Somehow, even if he can’t write his unique brand of nationalism into the party creeds, some other opportunist with greater political skills and more self-discipline will be able to. I highly doubt it. Trump is setting his own movement up for rejection.

The case that Trumpism will continue to have potency, or even get stronger after Trump, goes something like this: Trump’s rise is the delayed onset in America of a global phenomenon of resistance to globalization. The middle class is being hollowed out everywhere, and nothing Hillary Clinton can do will reverse this process. The financial, social, and psychic costs of emigration from the Third World to the First World will continue to fall and continue to put cultural and economic pressure on the West’s native residents, themselves aging into a demographic winter.

Source: How Donald Trump shattered his own movement

His “movement” will live on….but only around the fringe of GOP politics…..sorry to say that these people will have to slink back under rocks and into the realm of the uber-Right underground…..blogs and conspiracy sites…..

During the Obama years, the Republican party increased their affiliation with older, whites, men and the lower educated. The deliberate shift of the Republican voter under President Obama led to the rise of the white supremacist-endorsed Donald Trump.

It is even worse for Republicans than they could have imagined, as new data shows that the GOP is aging rapidly and could be facing national extinction.

The Pew Research Center released the results of the shifting affiliations between the two major parties on Tuesday, which showed that the “Democratic Party is becoming less white, less religious and better-educated at a faster rate than the country as a whole, while aging at a slower rate. Within the GOP the pattern is the reverse: Republican voters are becoming more diverse, better-educated and less religious at a slower rate than the country generally, while the age profile of the GOP is growing older more quickly than that of the country.”

Source: Republicans Rocked By Data Showing Trump Driving The GOP Towards Extinction

GOP needs to do yet another autopsy after this election……maybe this time they will take their own advice…..last time it was a disaster…….. and we know what that led to now don’t we?

I must go now….

I must not linger…..

Never put your face…

where you wouldn’t put your finger…..


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