The tragedy of ‘foreign policy elites’

I admit that I am a foreign policy wonk……I believe that foreign policy is the most important issue of the day and especially with this election in 2016.  In a world of globalization the events around the world effect every aspect of the lives of the people of any given country.

My problems are with the so-called foreign policy elites…those people that work for the “think tanks”…….. those institutions that are driven by whatever agenda they are paid to champion.

But these “elites” will be employed by whoever wins this election and out path will be set…..if it hasn’t been already.

What, after all, have foreign policy elites of either party done for us lately?

Can our nation survive without taking advantage of the wisdom of self-described “foreign policy elites”? That is the question posed on Page 1 of The Post’s print edition on Saturday, under the headline “Foreign policy elites indecisive on Trump.” The Post’s Karen DeYoung reports that 121 Republican national security experts have signed a petition saying they would not serve in a Donald Trump administration, should democracy serve them up such an opportunity. Actually, in their eyes, it is less an opportunity than a possible obligation. We all have to decide whether to vote for Trump, which is a pretty easy decision for most people I know. But “foreign policy elites” have the further obligation of deciding whether to work in a Trump administration. This, apparently, is not an easy decision at all

Source: The tragedy of ‘foreign policy elites’ – The Washington Post

My fear is that the “realist” theories of international relations will have the ear of the president….if that is the case then we are in for more wars and more interventions……more wasted money that is needed to repair this country.

3 thoughts on “The tragedy of ‘foreign policy elites’

  1. & that basically says it all….
    ‘Perhaps what’s so remarkable about this terrible recent history is how many countries we have managed to screw up without affecting our own very much’
    For it is because we are so ignore/ant of the people ‘over’ there…they are not real,they are not American…they do not share American ‘values’…..they have not suffered…may as well live our lives in a video game…..
    Someone once said…’Man is in the order of the Moon: he collects impressions and excretes behaviour’
    He also said..
    ‘Man may degenerate like the ants and the bees,before he becomes extinct’
    Good morning chuq!
    Mainlining coffee at this hour?

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