Bernie: An Op-Ed

Very recently the media got what they had work so hard to create…..a Clinton victory in New York……and a new set of primaries will take place tomorrow….no matter who wins of loses….it will be about the math.

Now they, the media, can set about with the math and the speculation on what will Bernie do now that he is all but dead in the water.  The math?  Yep that mind numbing stuff about this delegate count and that…..the amount of votes and the combination of the two…..yada, yada…..even a math professor gets a migraine with this crap.

The MSM is saying there are two courses open to Sanders…..1–Bernie can continue his attacks and rhetoric against Clinton and risk disunity within the ranks of the Party and 2–he could start dialing it back and set his place for the general election.

For months the MSM has been letting the public know that Sanders is NOT a Democratic just a candidate running as one.  That he is the head of a Movement.  Since he is not a Democratic why would he care about party unity or for that matter the survival of said party?  Or if he is the head of a Movement why would he dial it back…..that is no way to move the Movement forward.

The media whines about all this negativity is tearing the Democratic Party apart…..Good!  It is time for this party to get a grip and rid itself of the burden of wealth and reactionary politics.  But it is not Bernie that is tearing the Party apart it is the generational divide among the voters.

There’s a new divide in the Democratic Party. It’s a divide as much about age as ideology. While older voters clearly support the presidential ambitions of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the younger generation is firmly in favor of her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Anyone who wants to fully grasp the changes roiling the party today must pay close attention.

Younger Democrats came of age during a time of blossoming liberalism in America. According to a recent Gallup poll, more Americans self-identify as liberal today than at any time since 1992. Among young Americans, socialism, the ideological label Sanders uses to describe himself, polls about as well as capitalism. While it has been long accepted that people grow more conservative with age, recent research calls this truism into question.

Source: The Democrats’ Generational Divide | Al Jazeera America

Young voters see what Bernie is saying in his speeches….older voters are not that astute….they act as if loyalty is more important than solutions.

What is hilarious is the whining about his attacks on Clinton….but she uses surrogates to do the same and then claims that Bernie is using gender to belittle her if he strikes back…..and the media feeds this falsehood.

Bernie needs to ignore the media…..for they are in Clinton’s corner…..keep on keeping on.

Keep the Movement alive!  If it means attack then by God attack!


12 thoughts on “Bernie: An Op-Ed

    1. You lot sure have got it bad!
      Best laugh of the day…I found it on Twitta Woo!

    1. I do to……the Clinton people will do whatever they must to minimize Bernie……so far it is not working….may that continue….chuq

  1. Here is some simple math… No matter who runs in the actual election in November, there will be approximately 110-120 million votes cast. That’s about half the eligible voters. So, whomever wins, they will be elected by only about 20% of the total population of the country, all of whom have been, to some degree, convinced their vote actually represents the will of the people….not to mention having obtained most of their information from talking heads on the corporate wasteland so many people are enslaved to called TV, which, I am sorry to say, is nothing particularly like reality.


    gigoid, the dubious

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