The Big Apple Is The Place To Be

Good God!  My internet is slower than my ex-wife!

Many people have said that they are disappointed in me because I have offered up anything on the NY primary taking place today……so I bow to my friends and readers…..

Things to watch tonight……..

Tuesday is primary day in New York, the biggest prize until California votes on June 7, and all five remaining campaigns went into overdrive Monday. Polls suggest big wins lie ahead for front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump—but there’s still plenty of room for surprises, and in this year’s races, every delegate counts. A roundup of coverage:

  • This is the first competitive GOP presidential primary in the state in 40 years, and the first in 24 years for Democrats, Politico reports in a look at how merely winning may not be enough for Clinton and Trump. To get all 95 delegates up for grabs, Trump needs at least 50% of the vote in every congressional district.
  • FiveThirtyEight takes a district-by-district look at the GOP primary and finds that Trump’s weakest spots could be Brooklyn, where Russian Jews favor Ted Cruz, and Manhattan, where a “ridiculously” well-educated group of voters could hand John Kasich a victory.
  • Politico has a list of districts to watch in both races, noting that around half of the state’s Democratic votes will be cast in New York City, but only around 15% of Republican ones.
  • The Washington Post reports on Monday’s “flurry of retail politicking” in New York City, with Clinton drinking “bubble tea” at Kung Fu Tea in Flushing while Trump rolled out a “diversity coalition” at Trump Tower.
  • Sanders, meanwhile, slammed both Clinton and corporate greed at an outdoor rally in Long Island City Monday night, the Hill reports. “It is an enormously important primary because there are a lot of delegates at stake,” he said. “Tomorrow, New York state can help take this country a giant step forward toward the political revolution.” The AP notes that if he fails to defy the polls and defeat Clinton, he faces “increasingly limited opportunities to change the trajectory of the race.”
  • Vox reports on a factor likely to hurt both Trump, who tends to benefit from high turnout, and Sanders, the choice of many independents: New York ranks a dismal 48th out of 50 states in voter turnout—and Tuesday’s primaries are closed. The deadline to register party affiliation was in October, which means two of Trump’s own children can’t vote for him.

There you have it…….now I feel like I need a shower and clean myself up.

15 thoughts on “The Big Apple Is The Place To Be

  1. Since this is the last post of the day, I’ll forgo my usual extensive display of smarm, and echo the need for a shower now…

    June 7th in California?… Now I know when to take a vacation….

    Have a good evening, bro…


      1. Shit. Did I really need to know that? Okay, so, DC is out for the vacation…


        gigoid, the grump

      2. I agree; it seems endless sometimes…. which makes it harder, because it’s all such a circus/farce….

        Ah, well, it’ll all be over soon, one way or another….

        I’ll be back… fair warning…



      3. I saw an article yesterday about a movie in Iran I believe…it is 30 days long and the trailer is 7 hours….no it is not about the 2016 election…LOL chuq

      4. LOL! 30 days in a movie? The only possible plot line is real life, so, it’s probably just a ‘month in the life’ of the Ayatollah, while he spouts off about how it’s okay to not pull the fly out of the throat of a fasting man… (one of his actual pronouncements…).

        Boy, Heinlein was right… “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.” Both the movie, and the whole election process proves that one, with no possible argument.



  2. “Good God! My internet is slower than my ex-wife!”

    Not only is my Interweb hookup moving slower than a snail on weed, my entire computer refused to boot for most of the day. I’m afraid to turn it off, lest it never wake again.

    I think THIS is a very telling passage from one of your links.

    In New York City, officials announced plans to audit the Board of Elections, which conceded Tuesday that 125,000 Brooklyn voters had been purged from the voter rolls, and residents complained about problems at polling sites across the city….New York Mayor Bill be Blasio voiced support for the audit,

    Bernie’s home- borough voters have been put on “CP Time”

    This absolutely reeeeeks of what Jeb! did for his brother in Florida 2000. This is how you ensure vote totals in the other guy’s stronghold are reduced. And who would authorize that? Well, it sure ain’t the anti-establishment candidate!

      1. For all the good that will do, they might as well pray to Lord Xenu to fix it.

        Remember, the actual votes don’t actually mean anything in this race. It’s the perception the votes generate that matter. It will never happen, but all 125,000 Brooklyn voters could be given their right to vote back, vote for Bernie and have them get counted. But as long as it doesn’t give him an outright victory, nobody will ever hear about it other than those voters. Even a tie, or slight Bernie lead, would barely get noticed. It was all about the “narrative” that the people, rather than the Super-Delegates & party officials, have finally picked Hillary. Even though the truth is the opposite.

        The people voting for her were always just window dressing. Bernie had to win every single Primary by double digits to stand a chance. That’s how fixed this was. I’ve recently heard Hillary-Tron 2016 has another 100 Super-Delegates in her pocket who’ve been ordered to be quiet until she wins this thing with actual voters, so as to make this look like it was a legitimate process.

        But this Brooklyn incident is just one more sign among millions of how dirty the entire “democratic” process is in America. It’s dirtier than oil from the Alberta Tar Sands!

      2. As long as they’re purely population driven “points”, I can tolerate the Electoral College as a quaint set of rules & procedures. I’d tolerate it more if it gave the American Empire’s colonies a say. If I were to get worked up about anything purely structural, it would be the shitty “first past the post” system that ensures you must settle for the 2nd worst option (See: Hillary vs Trump/Cruz) and makes gerrymandering more “necessary” & effective.

        But everyone extrapolates the Electoral College system onto the Party Primaries. That’s by design. But the truth is that these ARE “private clubs” who can -& will- do whatever the fuck they want to select the 2 options for President. They just prefer it to look like actual people are making the decision. To be fair, it often works out that way. But only because club members have made an “acceptable choice”.

        In 2016, we may get to see something that was supposed to never happen. We may see the elites of both parties overrule the members of their “private clubs” and expose the whole system for the charade that is. Nothing will happen as a result, but it’s still interesting.

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