Non-Violent BDS Should Be Welcomed, Not Condemned

I have been a supporter of the Palestinian people and their struggle for more than 30 years……I am old and cannot do the same things I did in my youth to protest what I saw as injustice……the only thing I can do these days is join the BDS Movement and boycott all items from Israel.

I realize it is not much but like they say a movement begins when one person stands up to oppression…..many have joined with me in this endeavor (thanx one and all)……

But there are those in the US that are trying to kill this movement….some states are trying to make it illegal to boycott Israel or to do anything to make them act like a responsible player on the world stage.  New York was the first to make it a crime to boycott Israel……even some countries are trying to make it illegal……

Sorry, but I will NOT let someone, even a state, dictate to me what I can do or not do with my time and/or money…..illegal or not…they can kiss my ass!

There are many who are joining together to fight the BDS Movement……

A thousand Israelis and their supporters gathered in Jerusalem’s International Convention Center on March 28 at a conference aimed at combating the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). The conference was a display of “fear, paranoia, anger and determination,” as described by Antony Loewenstein, and featured top government officials, members of the oppositions and a […]

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Finally, this is non-violence at its best……hurt them in their pocket books and not in the head……

9 thoughts on “Non-Violent BDS Should Be Welcomed, Not Condemned

  1. The Tribe has been paranoid for over five thousand years now, with good reason, as, from the beginning of their history, they’ve been one of the most contentious, aggressive groups of deluded humans to ever exist. It has always been their habit to infiltrate economically into countries, becoming indispensable to those in power because of their financial support, just as in the US today.

    To my way of thinking, the epithets usually applied to them have mostly been earned by their own insistence on remaining separate from all other cultures, and their insistence on the absolute rightness of their own God and their own beliefs. in short, they’ve always been paranoid assholes, and deserve anything that happens to them from other humans, for, they started it, many thousands of years ago. Live by a delusion, and you will be treated as a crazy person. In my world, anyway….


    Hmm… maybe I should think about coming out & saying what I think….

    Nah…. this’ll do

    gigoid,the dubious

  2. How the fuck can you legally force somebody to not avoid buying a consumer good from a specific foreign country? Do you take them to the store at gunpoint and say, “Ignore that Florida tangerine. You must buy this Israeli tangerine instead…or be shot.”?

    Because that’s the summation of MY Israeli boycott. It’s the only “Product of Israel” I ever see. But to be honest, the Moroccan tangerines are my favourites anyway.

      1. Do they know how many American jobs (taken by illegal Mexicans, a problem soon to be fixed by Trump) will be lost when they force everyone to buy Israeli tangerines? Every tangerine field in America will be shut down as a result! Will the government observe our purchases of tangerines to make sure they’re all Israeli, or if we’re buying the “sufficient amount”? What about the folks with diabetes, or fructose intolerance? And will under-consumers get rendered to an Israeli black-site and “tangerine juice boarded”?

        Does Israel even sell anything else people can buy without much effort? I think I may have seen some figs, or some olives, before. Do they make cars? Will Americans all be forced to buy the 2016 Mashugana from Bethlehem Motors Works? If so, I hope the government is prepared to bailout GM & Chrysler again! And there’s no way in hell I’m giving up bacon to keep kosher!

        But aren’t these the very same Free Market worshipping fuck-wipes who went apeshit when the government tried to mandate more energy efficient light bulbs? I remember the “Light Bulb Freedom” movements fighting for the right to use 75% more electricity to light their house. Were any of those groups made illegal?

      2. I will starve before I buy anything Israeli…besides I grow my own tangerines….Haha. Soda stream is Israeli using slave labor on the West Bank. I agree with the bacon thing…..everyone can kiss my ass…..I love it…I eat it.

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