Happy New Year–2016

Out with the old (2015) and in with the new (2016)……today people all over the world will be celebrating the birth of a new year…..let us pray that it will be better than the past year.

I wish to thank all my readers for making my blog, In Saner Thought, a success……it may not be the fastest growing or the most influential but to me it is a huge success.

I have 1340+ followers, that means that those people get my posts as they are published,  with 215,244 hits….I have posted 9075 articles with an average of 350 words each then that is about 3.2 million words total (damn ….now I know why I have arthritis in my fingers)….with a total of 25,201 comments (the best part of writing a blog)…..

Today I will take a day off from posting and course prep work and spend some time with family….a little down time can do only good, right?

Thanx one and all for all your support and comments over the past year….I truly appreciate all the debates and exchanges over the past year……we may not always agree but at least we are exchanging ideas and opinions…..

I hope that this year will be as productive as the past…..

So go now…..enjoy family, fun and football (if that is your thing)…..we will be back at it tomorrow…..please know that I cherish each and every one of my followers….without you IST would not be worthwhile.

Peace, my friends.