Can China Get A Buy In?

The world is worried about ISIS and then there is Russia….these make great political rhetoric ads but there is something that is happening that is under the radar of the media…….

China is building its islands in the Pacific….the US is protesting…..the rest of the world could care less right now……but there is a situation that needs to be watched……

China has been engaged in the African mainland for many years….making in-roads into geopolitics…..and recently they will be opening a naval base in the UAE……they are preparing for something…but what?

The Middle East is a region that China has shied away from in the past…..

China decided to maintain its historic posture of non-interference, choosing instead to sign economic deals in all three countries, while arguing in general terms that “rapid economic development is the key to defeating jihadists.” While this formulation, which dominated Xi Jinping’s speech before the Arab League in Cairo, is obviously true, President Xi Jinping made no direct pitch, either in his public statements or in his closed door meetings with Saudi, Egyptian or Iranian leaders, suggesting that China was offering to mediate any of the multiple conflicts threatening the region. 

Source: President Xi Jinping Balked at Mediating Middle East Crises | Middle East Briefing

After shying away from any involvement in the Middle East for many years……..they could be preparing for a full engagement…….

When President Xi Jinping met with President Barack Obama last September, during the Chinese leader’s state visit to Washington, one of the issues that occupied a significant amount of time in their private talks was the future of the Middle East. Both leaders agreed on the goal of achieving stability in the region, despite all of the emerging rifts. The term they used was “coexistence,” a term formerly associated with the US-Soviet Cold War era, when serious and fundamental disputes did not lead to war.

Up until now, Washington has viewed China as a “fifth wheel” when it comes to the Middle East. China has, up until now, stuck with a policy of “non-interference” in the internal affairs of sovereign countries in the region. In reality, China has sided with Russia and with Bashar Assad, in opposing the outside support for rebel forces attempting to remove Assad from power.

Source: Can China Go from`Fifth Wheel’ to Major Player in Middle East? | Middle East Briefing

What game is China playing?

You guys know I am always asking questions…..questions that need asking……this will put another player in the mix in the Middle East…..another player looking for concessions….there are many fingers in this pie and they are all looking for their piece of said pie…..

Time to step back and look at the big picture……that way we will not be caught with our pants down (again)…….but then…..that is just my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Can China Get A Buy In?

  1. They are playing the game that Mao left for them to play — not being in a hurry to eventually get big enough and strong enough and entrenched enough to finally conquer and dominate — an old game played by Asians — build forces, build influence, pretend to be friendly and the attack and conquer, invade and dominate. It is a Communist thing and it starts by boring from within.

    1. You may well be right….but they like the cash they have now….I think it is more of a resource plunder if given the chance….chuq

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