GOP: They Know Nothing

Since I am interested in international relations I listen closely to what candidates have to say about world affairs……especially the GOP because they are the enablers of the Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC) I am always watching their words on the subject……

These candidates have a wealth of opinions but sadly the best they can do is chest thump and feed the gullible public with bluster and misinformation……

This election will be very important when it comes to foreign policy…..and so far not one of the candidates strikes me as particularly savvy on the subject…..and that will be troubling….especially if they happen to win in 2016……

Source: None of the GOP Candidates knows anything about Syria & Why that’s Scary | Informed Comment

GOP Debate: The Battling BS Showdown

Mercifully this is the last time we will see these people debate each other….the primaries start in under 3 weeks and then it will be Katey bar the door…..

We Americans like our winners so who won this debate……(pause here for reflection)……oh let’s be real…..who f*cking cares?

What I did like was the back and forth with Cruz and Trump and then Christie and Rubio had to try and look like they we part of the conversation and Carson was….well Carson……

Only think that kept me awake was the taglines that candidates used to get the traction they need……

  • Ted Cruz: “Since September the constitution hasn’t changed, but the poll numbers have. I recognize that Donald is dismayed that his poll numbers are falling … but the facts of the law here are clear.” (On his eligibility to be president.) Cruz also said, “Well, Maria, thank you for passing on that hit piece on the front page of the New York Times,” when asked about this loan story. “You know the nice thing about the mainstream media, they don’t hide their views.”
  • Donald Trump: “We rebuilt downtown Manhattan … everybody in the world loved New York and loved New Yorkers. And I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement Ted made.” After Cruz slammed “New York values” and said, “Not a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan.”
  • Jeb Bush: “If she gets elected, her first 100 days, instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the White House and the courthouse. We need to stop that.” Referring to Hillary Clinton.
  • Chris Christie: “You already had your chance, Marco, you blew it.” (After Rubio talked of other things when asked about entitlements.) Rubio responded, “I’ll answer the entitlement question if you’ll answer the Common Core question.” Christie also said, “I watched story time with Barack Obama [at the State of the Union], and I got to tell you, it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing.”
  • Marco Rubio: He said any “radical jihadist terrorists” captured alive would get “a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and we are going to find out everything they know.”
  • Ben Carson: “If my mother were secretary of the Treasury, we would not be in a deficit situation.”
  • John Kasich: “So look, in foreign policy—in foreign policy, it’s strength, but you’ve got to be cool. You’ve got to have a clear vision of where you want to go. And I’m going to tell you, that it—I’m going to suggest to you here tonight, that you can’t do on the job training.”
  • Rubio vs. Cruz: “I saw you on the Senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance,” Rubio said of Cruz, per Politico. “That is not consistent conservatism.” Cruz responded, “I appreciate you dumping your oppo research folder,” and Rubio said, “No, it’s your record.”

Told you….the debate was about as interesting as watching flies mate……and as usual nothing said had anything to do with the problems of this country or their solutions…..more bullshit from the party of bullshitters….

A Damn Good Question

I leave my readers with this question before I depart for the class I teach……

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What is the old saying…..”the truth hurts”…….somethings just do not help…..

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Gotta bounce!

But never fear…I will return after lunch…..

Iran:  I Have Questions

Before the primates come out with their chest thumping let me say here…..I am pleased that our sailors were returned in about 24 hours……and if you think that my questions are somehow those of an “apologist”….please hold that thought (it may be difficult but I have faith you can do it) I am apologizing for nothing……as an analysis I am always looking for what Paul Harvey called “the rest of the story”……you look at the evidence that you have and look for small things that could shed some light on the task at hand…….and as I have already said….”I have questions”…….

The stories that came out after the incident were the boat had engine malfunction….both of them?  Then it was a possibility of running out of gas….again….both?  Finally they telling us it was a navigational problem… more time….both?

If it was only one that had a problem then why did not the 2nd boat come to their aid?  What prevented the other boat from offering assistance?

Finally, the video and pics of the crew…….what caught my eye was the female sailor…..why was she semi-segregated from the others?  She appeared as if she was not part of the crew….or there was a problem with her crew members…..or she could be just terrified at the situation…..but she looks like she is not part of the crew… my opinion……

I read an op-ed….keep in mind it is NOT mine…..but it is asking some of the same questions as I am……

Your bullshit-ometer should be making an awful racket in response to the shifting explanations given for the twenty-four-hour Iranian hostage scare involving two US Navy boats intercepted in the Gulf. First they told us “at least one of the boats” had experienced a “mechanical failure.” Then they said the boats had run out of fuel, […]

Source: Caught With Our Pants Down in the Gulf – Original by —

So far all the ramblings have been of an emotional nature……BS along ideological lines…..few will step back and take a look at the big picture…..instead they want to babble on about things that cannot or will not try to understand…..

Sports fans….there is more to this situation than we are told….granted we may never know the real story….but that should not preclude asking questions…..unless of course there is a paradigm that you must part on to the rest of us……

Note:  Please if you want to comment do so on the substance of my post…I do not give a shit about talking points….

Chuck Hagel Speaks Out!

A couple of years ago when Obama announced his next Sec of State would be Chuck Hagel I was thrilled…..for one I knew of Hagel in Vietnam we served in the same unit 9th infantry division…..I was a LRRP for the 3rd brigade and he was in the first I believe…..we were not friends but I knew of his service while there…..and finally he had been an NCO in Vietnam and I thought that it would make him more alert to the situations he would have to face…..I was disappointed when he resigned and I said then that there was more to the story than the media was told…….

After a couple of years Hagel has spoken up…..about time……

The uppity dips in the administration apparently looked down on a guy who was a NCO……or something…..

He has some good advice for the next prez…….

When the former Republican Nebraska senator was offered the job of Defense secretary in 2012, his “only request was that he be given access to the president,” according to the article. However, Hagel later found that access did not necessarily mean a one-on-one meeting in the Oval Office with Obama — a setting in which he preferred to give his advice. “There were times that I had called over and asked to have a private meeting with the president, and when I showed up, there were others in the room,” he told the outlet. Hagel even wrote a memo to privately express his mounting concern about the lack of a Syria policy — a move that was not well received by the administration and seen as an attempt to dictate policy or blame others, according to the article.

Source: Chuck Hagel to the next president: ‘Listen’ | TheHill

Some excellent advice……but that depends if they truly want this thing to work… cannot start with a conclusion and work the facts so they fit your predetermined conclusion……that is what think tanks do…..and it is wrong.  Wise decision cannot be made if it is about who makes the most cash off of that decision.

I still believe that if Hagel had been given a chance he would have made one of the best Sec of state this country has ever nominated….after all he was a Vietnam vet…..someone who knew the horrors of war but he was not a CEO of Boeing or Northrop or Halleburton or any other M-IC fat cat… that made him an outsider and unacceptable to most of the good old boyz in Foggy Bottom…..

There is also a very good interview with Hagel that begs to be read……

Source: Former US defense chief: Obama ‘hurt credibility’ by not bombing Syria in 2013 | US news | The Guardian

Hagel is a good man that deserved better from this country….but what can expect from a country that cares so little about the vets or their opinions….for that matter…..


The case for Martin O’Malley – Vox

Keeping with my tradition at election time of giving my readers all the candidates……there are more to this primary season than Trump/Cruz. Hillary/Bernie……some just get lost in the media’s rush to crown the “front runners”….

If you are a Dem then there is another one in the running…..Martin O’Malley….I know….who?

The ex-governor of Maryland……be interested and check out this piece on the candidate……..learn about the man……

Source: The case for Martin O’Malley – Vox