Art Of Blogging: Trolls

I begin my relaxing weekend with a few more words of wisdom about blogging… this installment it is TROLLS!

Trolls….those individuals that cruise the blogosphere looking for certain words that they can use to attack and rant their misguiding delusions….if you write a blog then you have experienced one or maybe more……they hit an d run……..

Personally, I think they just like being irritating more than informative…..I seem to get more of them when I post on a couple of subjects…..Muslims and guns….then they come out of the woodwork….like termites on a mating cycle…..

Is there any explanation to why these people lurk?

Well, yes there is and I am glad you asked……

We already know Internet trolls are jerks. Now, thanks to a video on YouTube channel AsapScience, we know a little bit more about why, CNET reports. In short, Internet trolls exhibit “dark traits,” such as Machiavellianism, narcissism, and, “very high levels of sadism,” which means they “have fun distressing others by being argumentative and disruptive.” The video is based on a research paper from 2014 that found 5.6% of 1,215 survey respondents self-identified as Internet trolls, or at least fessed up to enjoying trolling activities. CNET notes that it’s safe to assume that some trolls would not self-identify, so the true percentage is likely higher.

Dark traits notwithstanding, AsapScience reassures us that trolls “aren’t necessarily serial killers or bad people.” However, “they get an emotional reward when causing or observing the suffering of others.” According to the research paper, the troll persona reflects both a person’s actual personality and their ideal self, concluding that, “for those with sadistic personalities, that ideal self may be a villain of chaos and mayhem—the online trickster we fear, envy, and love to hate: the cyber-troll.” So how do you vanquish a troll? “Ignore them,” AsapScience says, “and you’re likely to diminish their effort.”

I wish I could ignore them….but if they are pushing lies and misinformation then I must respond….I know….I know…..but it is a sickness with me….LOL


25 thoughts on “Art Of Blogging: Trolls

  1. grin…….try being a female posting suffragette material!

    (I will not use that word ‘feminism’ unless I have to….it leads me to wonder what is it’s opposite)

    I don’t often answer… I did……to the point and not P.C.

    1. Probably like when I post something about Muslims…I get a few that try to convert me to Christianity…..their problem is I am not a Muslim….it gets to be fun at times….chuq

      1. Hehehe …
        I love winding people up..
        I suspect there is something profoundly perverse in me!
        It is what makes my wheels go round…

  2. Do you know if the blogging world is having some sort of “Follow contest” ? All of a sudden I am being hit with ‘Follows’ from young people, many of whom do not speak English, and do not appear interested in history (according to their own blogs).

    1. I have had a spike also….and I have no idea what is going on….I did get a couple that were actually interested in my stuff…..they will be gone if you do not follow them back…..chuq

  3. Don’t know why, but, none of these idiots has ever stopped in at ECR; if they did, they left without commenting. Maybe it’s my face…. because the stuff I write should certainly stimulate some of them….

    Just lucky, I guess… or too mean to take on…. I do speak of my wish to go hunting a lot….



  4. I’m going to click into your links and read more. It pisses me off when people do studies and say that these trolls are not bad people….um, yes.they.are. They are also cowards because they wouldn’t have the blz to do this face to face. Furthermore, it still implies that internet relationships aren’t real. Seriously people, get into this century already. We don’t turn into ether the moment we type out our thoughts. I don’t post much and luckily I haven’t yet had trolls. I’m sorry you did again. Thanks for letting me rant.

  5. I like to be argumentative and disruptive so I guess I am a classic troll … which is fine with me …. because in my book even a troll should have First Amendment rights. It is up to the non-trolls to ignore ideas regardless of wherever they may come from. I think a well-rounded person would welcome ideas from everywhere including from even the trolls. Besides which, one man’s troll is another man’s prophet sometimes, right?

    1. I guess…if Nostradamus is a prophet then anyone can be said to be one…..but sometimes ideas are not ideas…they are more just regurgitation from some other website….I do not mind ideas just those they will not listen or will not consider others opinion…..

      1. My blog is open to all ideas — even from Trolls — as long as I have the right to disagree for no other reason that I love to stir the pot … there is nothing intellectually rewarding about reading my blog — never has been — never was intended to be — entertainment and diversion — pure, plain and simple … entertainment and diversion. LOL

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