US Aid: The Sick Game

Many Americans including myself have bitched about the aid we give to some countries….not all….just the ones we have some sort of problem with for whatever imagined reason…..

Recently I was having an exchange with my friend over at Lines By Liming on aid that we have sent to Africa over the years…..while I did not agree with him on his responses I did start to think about that aid and did some checking….especially the exports we send to Africa in the form of food aid.

The US exports food and grain to those countries in Africa…..this aid is genetically modified so that the seeds cannot be used to raise their own crops…in other words the seeds are sterile.  This aid sits in receiving yards undistributed because the governments will not give this aid out because the grain may somehow be fed to hungry livestock and that livestock has a large market in the EU….the problem is the EU has a strict policy against genetically modified anything….so the farmers cannot sell their meat and in turn they need more aid to exist.

Basically, the US is making it impossible for the aid to get to the people that needs it….all because of wanting to eliminate the competition…..agri-business is playing a sick game.  So some of this aid goes to waste….to guarantee that more aid will be needed and bought by governments that have trade deals with the US.

This could lead to many misunderstandings when the reports flood in about the aid that the US has given has gone undelivered…..but the story will be that the natives are too lazy to even use the aid they are given….a great story….but completely false.

10 thoughts on “US Aid: The Sick Game

  1. Good research, but hardly a surprise that agribusiness doesn’t give a shit about people, only profit….

    And, whose pocket is our government in? Why, big business’s, of course…. Since the mid-nineteenth century, when a corrupt, bought and paid for Federal judge made the first decision to allow corporations to be legally considered ‘legal entities”, i.e. “people”, the laws in this country have ALL been designed for one thing, and one thing only; to maximize the profit of any American business venture, regardless of how that affects the other flesh and blood people, who have to live with the laws….

    It’s all a sham, and has been now pretty obviously, since WWII ended, and the arms dealers began their campaign to keep the entire world in armed conflict, one against the other….

    They’ve been more successful than they ever intended…. or realized, until recently….

    It’s ALL illusion, my friend. Actual governments don’t even exist any more, except as the operational arms of the corporate interests who own them…..

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. BTW…. “Sick” is a good word for it…. the entire human race is sick, as is obvious in our choice of our leaders, every one of which is a clinical sociopath….



      1. One of the universally-acknowledged signs of mental challenge is an obsession with the idea that “Everybody But Me” is nuts …. or to put it another way, the idea that expresses itself somewhat like this: I know I am totally sane! It is the rest of the world that is nuts!”

      2. Good,now I can relax, because I am nuts, you are nuts, we all are grape nuts….

        The flaw I see is in human nature, of which we are ALL guilty as charged….

        ‘S okay, it all is what it is, and momma nature always has the last word….

        gigoid, the dubious

      3. Aye; our brains have too much imagination for us to be able to handle our perceptions, but, we’ve always acted as if it did….

        Naked apes, cavorting about without a clue….

        ‘cept for a few, here and there… Not enough to make a big difference….

        g, td

    2. I has seen a report on Right wing TV about these aid packages going unclaimed and the line was that they were too lazy to go pick them up…..I had to find out why…..

  2. A better response to such International aid would be to handle it in the same manner as we handle aid to newly-arrived refugees …. put them all immediately on welfare, give them food stamps, housing vouchers and health care cards and forget all about sending money or seeds or anything else of that nature. I tink it would be a more effective approach and as far as people being too lazy to come pick up their aid packages– what is wrong with those who are giving the aid simply delivering the packages? It does take far less effort to extend an upward pam to recieve something than it does to get off your duff and go get something.

  3. Do you remember back when the original C.A.R.E. packages were sent to Africa, someone (no acquisitions here) changed the wording on the crates to read FROM: the USSR.

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