Understanding ISIS: Leaked document reveals nation-building plans

Everybody has an opinion on how to defeat ISIS…..I mean with the horrendous acts they have committed everyone wants them gone in one way or the other…..

The prez and every other world leader has given the country their assurances that ISIS WILL be defeated….there is a consensus among western leaders……the problem I have is that not one of them will give a rudimentary plan of how they will accomplish this feat.

To my way of thinking….the only way ISIS can be defeated is by understanding every aspect of their operation……I have written in the past that this organization is trying to act like a nation state…..this could be a source of information to help in that defeat….

A state-building manual for Islamic State administrators confirms the complexity and breadth of the group’s efforts to create a functioning state, albeit one ruled by terror. In life under Islamic State, however, many civilian services seem to be suffering.

Source: Understanding ISIS: Leaked document reveals nation-building plans – CSMonitor.com

As I have said…..this could be a good start in finalizing what to do about ISIS and their desire for a nation state…..

4 thoughts on “Understanding ISIS: Leaked document reveals nation-building plans

  1. chuq,

    You always manage to hit upon issues which stimulate my rant mode; I’m too tired today to comment much, so I will merely say, any nation whose primary philosophy of being is based on a delusion will never be able to either establish, nor maintain any sort of real success. The proof of that pudding can be seen in every government on this planet, all of which are controlled, and run, by people who live their entire lives based on such delusions/illusions, which in truth, are merely the coward’s path, for they are too afraid to face Reality without either the crutch of religion, or the illusory sense of safety which comes from believing the lies told by governments…

    I guess that IS a rant…. So be it…. Don’t fret about ISIS; the entire organization is composed of easily manipulated people. who have been given guns, and told to go have fun exhibiting the lengths and breadths of their ignorance and cowardly fear of Reality…..

    gigoid has spoken, quite enough for one day….

    So be it….. fuck ’em all, they’re all crazy. on both sides of the issue….


    1. I am pleased that my post stimulate a response…that is why I am here….LOL

      They will cillapse under their own weight….the problem is that they will take as many as possible down with them….chuq

      1. Of course they will; just the way the oligarchy likes it…. More death, more confusion, more chaos…. it all distracts people from see what is actually taking place, to wit: the arms manufacturers’ bottom line is kept at the highest level possible. If it helps their bottom line. you can bet you’ll see it in the news, no matter how many of the little people must die to keep it there…

        Damn, it, cut it out! You KNOW I can’t tolerate ANY of them! Keep this up, and I’ll end up putting on camo and going hunting….



        See ya. bro…



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