A moment of humanity

I share with my readers another excellent piece written by my friend, Nadia. Americans need to read her powerful words and learn what life is like for people other than themselves….

Nadia's Jerusalem

I have just finished a translated article from Ma’ariv, an Israeli newspaper, under the title of: Jewish young men strangers in their land. The article tries to wear the shoe of the radical settlers who commit crimes against Palestinians in the settlement. How abandoned these young people feel from their state that left them alone unprotected with the uncontrollable Palestinians.

It is extremely hard to sympathize with such a reading, humanizing such people, I thought. But somehow I had to retreat and think loud repeating to my memory what happened this morning.

I had a flat tire on the way to the university, and I found myself obliged to pull behind a boarder police vehicle. So many ideas and images roamed my mind in the moments before, thinking of how critical it could turn out. I could turn in a moment into a suspect and the next moment I could…

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14 thoughts on “A moment of humanity

  1. Nadia Harash is an amazing person, gender not an issue. As a woman, she presents EVERY quality that is admirable, not in spite of her sex, but, because of it. Her courage seems limitless…. as does her intelligence and compassion….

    Great article; scary, uncomfortable and inspiring….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. My only wish is for a better translation program; the one I have doesn’t handle idiom very well…. Makes it hard at times to catch her entire thinking process, which always is precise, and insightful….

        g, td….

      2. I used Firefox for years; I always use free programs, or open source… It got too full, and began to get corrupted, so, I just switched over to Opera, which is the FASTEST of all browsers, as they use a turbo cache system that works great…. Load times are half what they were in Firefox….

        I use a stand-alone translator that is pretty good; it just isn’t powerful enough to handle Arabic to English, since both are full of idiomatic phraseology….It ignores the slang words, or words it doesn’t know, which breaks up the sense of the material…

        SIGH…. I’m waiting for either a Universal Translator, as in Star Trek, or, a Babel Fish, as in The Hitchhiker’s Guide….


      3. S’okay, I’ve learned to email from the Tardis, so I can send stuff to NOW from whenever/wherever it is… Useful….


  2. Are the “Uncontrollable Palestinians” you speak of here by any chance … Muslims? Why would The Religion of Peace be attacking their Jewish Brethren when they are more or less like first cousins or something?

    1. John could you possibly hate a people so much? Do you know her story of where she lives? I think she does a good job of trying to explain her feelings and thoughts about her situation….chuq

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