If It’s Fall….It Must Be SCOTUS Time

We all remember the last session of SCOTUS…..same sex marriage and the Obamacare rulings…..the Right went batcrap crazy because the court seem to be a bit liberal in its rulings…….a couple of good wins for liberals and a few back steps for conservatives…….but all that could change.

It is now Fall and the next session will be starting soon……what does that mean?

The Supreme Court is facing a docket of high-profile political cases that will test whether recent liberal victories were more fluke or firm conviction, the New York Times reports. The court—which is divided 5-4 for conservatives, but saw Justice Roberts vote liberal on Obamacare and same-sex marriage—will look at cases including unions, affirmative action, and possibly abortion. A primer:

  • Unions: Since 1977, unions have been allowed to charge non-union workers for dues that go to collective bargaining efforts, but not political ones. Now California teachers have brought a case saying collective bargaining is itself political. “It could set the stage for a Citizens United-style reconsideration in the area of union dues,” a lawyer says.
  • Affirmative Action: Abigail Fisher says that being white played a role in the University of Texas denying her admission back in 2008. The Supreme Court punted on her case in 2013, and now it’s back on the docket. Like the unions case, this was brought by a conservative group that recruited the plaintiffs.
  • The death penalty: Justices will decide on capital-punishment cases in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Georgia, and Florida, the Wall Street Journal reports. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer have already expressed doubts about whether capital punishment is constitutional.
  • “One person, one vote”: Should state legislative districts be drawn based on their number of people or eligible voters? If justices choose the latter—leaving out immigrants and children—Latinos could lose political clout and rural areas will gain, Politico reports
  • Abortion: Justices may opt to revisit a Texas law that could reduce the state’s abortion clinics from more than 40 to roughly 10. At issue is whether new clinic requirements are an “undue burden” on women’s right to an abortion.

Looks like a couple of really important rulings will be coming our way with this session…..the question is will the liberal swing continue or will the judges see the errors of their ways as pointed out by conservs?


3 thoughts on “If It’s Fall….It Must Be SCOTUS Time

  1. Why can’t they move SCOTUS ruling to another season? If Justice is supposed to be blind, why do we have liberal and conservative? Oooh, you meant thoughts about the cases. These will always be hot topics, so I’ll just wait for the verdicts.

    1. If there are only 10 clinics in the entire state of Texas, that will mean a huge step back. Black market increase? Better think carefully on that one.

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