Did you know that the Benghazi investigation is the longest in US history?

he House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks “is now the longest congressional investigation in history,” ABC News reports.

“As of Monday, the House Select Committee on Benghazi, has been active for 72 weeks — surpassing the record previously held by the Watergate Committee in the 1970’s.”

And the GOP has NOTHING to show for the waste of time and resources…..

Have you had enough of the Benghazi witch hunt?  It has slid down the order of importance now that the GOP has e-mails to chew on……but it is still in the wings waiting….waiting…….for a rebirth.

I got this image from “It Is What It Is”….who got it from “Last Of The Millennials”


4 people died…..a tragedy and the GOP went batcrap crazy…..and yet the murder of 34 American sailors in 1967, 8 June to be exact,  goes unnoticed for all these years…..why is that?

Enough said?

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