Who is that ‘Great Satan’?

I do hope that everyone had a lovely weekend….Summer is winding down and there is a hint of Autumn…..But I need to get back to work…….

First my morning bitch…….I live in an area that has had little rain in 90 days…..and today rain and clouds is the forecast….of course it is….that means I will get to miss the astronomical event of the year….the blood moon and the eclipse…..next one will be when I am departed .   joy…joy…..

Monday and I start another week of extreme mental stress…..I have not heard anything about Jade Helm recently….so I am guessing that piece to crap is over with right?

One more thing before I start…..what happened to the solar plane that was flying around the world?  Or did I miss it?

There are many of the Right wing people that like to refer to “The Great Satan”….when attacking anything Iranian…….right?

But what or who made the statement?  What is it all about?  You may not care because it is a convenient slogan that can be used so thought is not necessary…..but I will give you the knowledge whether you want it or not…..

I found an interesting article written by a professor at Columbia University in New York……it is a good read if you would like more info of the term…..after all if you are going to use it maybe knowing if you are using it properly would be in order….

I know that is not what we Americans do….get the info before we lambaste something or someone…..

But try it…..you might like it!

Source: Who is the ‘Great Satan’? – Al Jazeera English

Please this is in NO way a approval of the use of the term…I just thought some might be interested in knowing where this crap comes from…..if I am mistaken then please forgive my presumption…….


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