The World: Time For A Reset

Note:  I wrote this draft shortly after the horrendous attack in Paris… hurled at me took my mind off the post until today….I apologize for the delay.  Plus the new debate on AUMF which could be a free pass to more conflicts…..

The Paris event has wound down…..and the world media turned to two bored adrenalin junkies climbing a rock……but they are making history.  Is history so unimportant that this is a historical event?  Ten years from now few will not remember nor care.

While we held our breath watching the climb the world is spiraling into chaos and most could care less.  There seems to be more important issues at home and the world be damn!

What price FREEDOM?

Let’s look at the world……Iraq is a disaster, Syria is a disaster, Afghanistan is weak and dangerous, Pakistan,  Nigeria, most of West Africa, Yemen is one bullet away from  a civil war, Europe is becoming scary, the Holy Land is awash in controversy and violence and the US has its hands full with a rise in violence and mental midgets….let us not forget about the events in Ukraine…………..and there are many more incidents….these are the ones that readily came to mind.

There are very few locations that are quiet and uneventful……and yet people watch the news for award winners or fashion or some idiot forcing his hobbies on the world.

It is time for the world to reset itself!

From this point on many will think that I am a warmonger…..I am not!  I want a peaceful liveable world…..but as my grandfather use to say…”hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which one weighs the most”.  The world needs to take the events of today more seriously than it is now.

In the past I have worked for peace, I have demonstrated for peace…..but above all I am also a realist.  And the reality of today is that something must be done and diplomatic BS is NOT the answer.

The world needs to decide that a major answer to the question is the ONLY answer!  It has been done before.  Think World War 2.  When the murderous actions of the German war machine threatened the world….the world answered and defeated the swine

The world needs to pull its head out of its ass and realize that it is the entire planet that is at threat.  And then resign itself to eliminating that the scourge that is inflecting the global.

I know I am calling for another war…maybe a third world war……which would be disastrous for many….but it will have to be done if this ball is to survive.

I apologize to the world for this post……and I apologize to the many civilians that will have to pay the price…..but we either confront and defeat this threat or CONTINUE LIVE IN FEAR!

There is only ONE way to face down this evil!

The world needs to face the growing problem together….not with some lip service or some lame attempt to look relevant….like a Coalition… is time for the world to go on the offensive and obliterate the the growing fungus among us……TERRORISM.

It is a terrible choice…….if there is a better choice….I’m listening……..the biggest obstacle is…….. there isn’t anyone that has the guts to make it.

The time is now to…..STAND UP OR COWER IN A CLOSET!

4 thoughts on “The World: Time For A Reset

  1. I understand the rage Chuq but unfortunately terrorism isn’t the physical presence with geographical defined lines as the German and Japanese military was decades ago. It is an insidious presence that has assimilated into the cultures around the globe. Poverty is its underlying causation and charismatic leaders and their interpretation of religion are the match that ignites the passion of those people who have little to lose in terms of material well being.

    Military might isn’t the answer but there of course do need to be small surgical units to deal with the pockets of terrorism that exist around the globe. The broader more difficult effort to ease economic hardship that makes many people vulnerable to the maniacal rantings of zealots is where our long term focus should be, IMO. Exploitation of indigents and their resources by for-profit multinational corporations and the corrupt governments they work with are also factors that plays into they hands of terrorists.

    1. and that brings me to a point I have tried to make in the past….the US is incapable of fighting in an unconventional matter….we still think that massive force will always win the day……

      If we must continue to fight then make it a doozey……we cannot afford the military we have now so make a statement before we lose the opportunity….pussy footing around the edges accomplishes nothing….

      And yes I know how that sounds…..but I wish I could be more sympathetic but we need a reset and a new thinking……since no one wants to use a diplomatic approach….then use what we have….fight fear with fear…….
      Tomorrow I shall return to my anti-war stance….this something I had to post to relieve the pressure…..LOL

      1. But where exactly would we focus our military might on? There is no nation-state that defies us concerning terrorism. Should we go in and carpet bomb Syria and Iraq and any other country where there are enclaves of jihadist extremists, killing innocent people and inflicting massive destruction that will take decades to recover from? The only approachable target that would accommodate our traditional military tactics is the army that ISIS has created but they are a conglomeration of people from various areas and could easily melt back into the landscape they came from if we over powered them with our military might, laying in wait a year or two before regrouping.

        We need to think smart and not let our emotions take hold. This is likely what the terrorist want so they can rally the people to fight the “infidel invaders”.

      2. Of course you are correct……now is the time of the Arab nations to do what they are afraid to do…..and there is the rub…..No nation west or east, has the will to stop this and now it is almost unstoppable……hesitation will kill us all……especially those in the ME….the answer is……drum roll….time for the Us to step back except in imminent threat and tell the world to act….image will be the death of western civilization….they want the Us to do the heavy lifting and the M-IC is willing to do what they world wants profits before people……as always…

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