Veterans: Unsung Heroes–LRRP

This post and accompanying video may not win any awards…but it helps me deal with some unresolved issues……

We hear all about the exploits of our special forces…..their bravery in the face of danger makes them heroes.  But in these days the public does not seem to care about our vets only when it is convenient for them.

I know not many will care enough to watch this lengthy video and that will be a shame….for these guys deserve better than that…….

We Americans are famous for labels……and hero is one word that I feel we throw around way too often…..this person or that unit is heroic.  Then there are what I call true heroes…unsung heroes because NO one knows of them and hears nothing of their duty.

For years I have been trying to find away to write about the guys I served with in Vietnam….I never could find the right words….and then I found this video by accident… thought it perfect……

This video is about such a group….true heroes……whose story has seldom been told.

Please take the time to watch this video….yes, it is lengthy…..but these men deserve recognition and respect that few gave them during their service.  Their duty was truly extraordinary and their legacy has been lost…. wrapped up in the mystic of the Rangers.

They deserve your attention and respect…….Their story is one of duty, honor and selfless action…..if anyone deserves the title of HERO it is these men……I miss you guys!

I apologize….I could not get the video to post so I had try a back door solution……..



6 thoughts on “Veterans: Unsung Heroes–LRRP

  1. The unsung heroes for sure… not just unsung heroes, but unappreciated as well. America failed these soldiers that served in Vietnam. It is shameful how they were treated when they came home. I think that if it were to happen today, it would be different, but there are no “redo’s” and there is no way to make up for how our Vietnam Vets were treated by the American public. In this regard, it makes me ashamed to be American. Even though I was a child, I am ashamed by how the veterans were treated when they returned home, having lost their friends and having seen their friends lose their limbs, and even still to this day, many Vietnam Vets are haunted by their memories in their sleep. Some live it everyday…

    An apology from G.I. Jane Fonda all these years later, is probably sincere on her part, but it comes way too late for the vets that she hurt so deeply for so long.

    There is no way to make up for how these soldiers were treated. Many are bitter still about it if you mention it. Some will at least appreciate you thanking them for their service if you see them wearing something alluding to their service during Vietnam. The one must consider the age of the person thanking them. For me, I’m young enough that they have to know that I wouldn’t have been part of the WeatherUnderground that was… well, let’s just say, there was ample opportunity for then to come clean about their evil-doing in retaliation to the Vientam war. And Bill Ayers still justifies his actions by the Vietnam word even if he was bombing placed here, including a police officers’ home, killing the officer and leaving the son without a father. He was never held accountable, instead he was teaching at Columbia Liberal Arts College in Chicago, IL, and his wife is still teaching LAW (HA!) at Yale!

    This is the justice that our Vietnam Vets have gotten? Shameful isn’t a strong enough word.

    1. Fonda was wrong in what she did….I think less of her for not standing by her convictions. And most people, back then that condemned her were the same people that treated the vets in awful ways….so who was a bigger traitor?

      1. Excellent question… I would love to hear the responses to those people. I hope that I get some responses from my reblog. Fonda used her Hollywood status, or Hollywood used her status, either way. wrong is wrong and they have no way to make it right… they were ALL traitors in my opinion. Even to this day, when Hollywood “stars” open their mouth and exercise their 1st Amendment right that you defended as a soldier in the U.S. Army, and they desecrate those that serve, and they have never been bold enough to wear a uniform, I have no respect for their opinion whatsoever.

  2. Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    Here is a Vietnam Veteran’s perspective from his service and how he was treated. PLEASE take the time to watch the video, read his ‘testimony’…. these Veterans deserve much more than they ever received and there is no way to go back and do it again…. however, this can at least show you that they were not what the ‘protesters’ called them. Thank you to for allowing me to share this with you!

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