Is The Web Doomed?

You may think that this post is all about the privacy thing that is making its way around the news…..well gosh Batman….you would be mistaken…..

This is not about some crazy crap about the effort to keep net neutrality……nope this about that all knowing apps……apps could be the death of the web in years to come….at least that is what this article is all about……

It might soon be time to pay last respects to what we know as “the web,” writes Christopher Mims at the Wall Street Journal. It’s “dying,” he writes, and the killer is easy to find: Just look at your smartphone and count the apps. These days, people are spending more and more time within apps—or within the “walled gardens” of app stores controlled by gatekeepers such as Apple—and less time on actual websites. The shift looks to be unstoppable, and the consequences are profound.

“Everything about apps feels like a win for users—they are faster and easier to use than what came before,” writes Mims. “But underneath all that convenience is something sinister: the end of the very openness that allowed Internet companies to grow into some of the most powerful or important companies of the 21st century.” Mims makes the case that innovation will suffer and that someday the web itself could be “nothing but a curiosity, a relic haunted by hobbyists.” Click for his full column.

Okay, read the article then weigh in with your opinion……I really would like to hear what you have to say on this subject……

4 thoughts on “Is The Web Doomed?

  1. We did have a cell phone some 15 years ago, thank the good god whomever we worship, because we could get no signal in or around our new home in the Ocala forest area central Florida at that time and gave it up, never to have again!

    1. Sadly I have one bit it is more for the news, breaking news, than anything else…I refuse to play game or listen to music on it…….what I do I need access to the news 24/7…..

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