Played Like A Cheap Flute

The mid-terms are over!  Mercifully!  And now the media will set about telling you why the vote went the way it did.  The major problem with that is that they have NO idea.

For months the media was telling the public states like Iowa, Kansas, Georgia and Kentucky we in play….that there could well be a movement to turn the states purple….the problem is they were never in play.

After months and months of polls and predictions……very little of it was accurate in the end….and they will begin all over again come January or sooner……it is what they do…..control the dialog.

The media, all the media, is playing the clueless public like a cheap flute.

This exercise on my part is becoming tiresome.  I try to point out to my readers that the media is doing NO service by trying to lead the dialog on the elections.  The polls they quote are paid for by the media and reflects just what they, the media, wants it to reflect.

This last election should be a wake up call to the public, especially the voter….that little of what the media tells them is the truth…..

Think about it!  What benefits the media more……a split Congress or one controlled by the opposing party?  Which would give them more news?  Which outcome would be more for their ratings?

Think about another stat……about 2/3 of the voting population did not go to vote……why?  Why for a right that is so important to our identity as an American be so unpopular?

This stat keeps going up….Americans do not vote….yet they condemn those that don’t…..Americans are a fickle bunch…….

Americans get lies to base what little voting the do……and then they repeat the lies….laziness has its consequences and the crappy field of candidates and then officials is that consequence……and the media does little to change this downward trend….they are the enablers.

Now the media will be preparing the public for 2016.


2 thoughts on “Played Like A Cheap Flute

  1. “Think about another stat……about 2/3 of the voting population did not go to vote……why?”

    This is in part by design from an attitude of conservatives like Grover Norquist who constantly tell naive people that government is part of the problem. This discourages too many from voting. They very people that should be served by their representatives but wound up being served by the wealthy special interests

    1. Could it be that the voter sees their vote as an exercise in futility? Nothing ever changes and like a kitty they lose interest really quick…..

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