Buffoons, Clowns And Thieves

Opinion from Chuq’s Desk:

I think Cher should be belting out a tune right about now……….

Everybody will be looking for the hidden agenda by the vote…….first ask why?  The agenda is the same as always….get elected and stay in power….governance?  HA that is the lie the people tell…….

Oh yea…..the 2014 mid-terms are done………and nothing has changed…..we elected the same class of politicians we always elect…..low class of candidates.  This election is a prime illustration of what the country has become.  …..A collection of negativity and misinformation.

Gone are the days when a candidate laid out his/her program to the people and enter the world of social media where the candidate has little time to meet his.her voters.

That was my analysis of the election…….does not matter what state it was or what branch of the government…..there is NOTHING exciting about the outcome and definitely NOTHING of note.

If one takes this progression out to its logical end……in 20-25 years there will be NOTHING left of this country….nothing will be salvageable…….it will be a country of extremes…..wealthy and poor…..the middle class will be non-existent………….  Thanx to Americans voter habits.

Americans refuse to see just how worthless this system has become…..it is NO longer about electing the right person to carry out a set of policies but rather a perpetual campaign that leaves NO time for the players to do anything worthwhile… from the day a politician is elected it is a stream of campaign appearances and governance takes a backseat to money…..

As long as money is the prime motivator in politics we will continue to elect buffoons, clowns and thieves…it is that simple!

Before this country can get back on track as a prime place to live it must do two things……1–make a working political system and 2–voters that realize they are Americans and not isolated pockets of egocentric bullshit.

This last election has proven just how pathetically moronic this whole system of “picking” a leader has become.  It is true that this country gets the politicians it deserves…..and we vote for buffoons, clowns and thieves….with each vote the country dies a little more.





10 thoughts on “Buffoons, Clowns And Thieves

  1. O.K., so what is the alternative? Since America is fond enough of the serpent-scorpions from the right to elect them again after the mess the created the last time …. maybe we ought to just swallow our pride and try the suggestion righties love to work toward but which they always deny …. maybe we need to try a little of that good old oligarchial theocracy for awhile and see how it works out …. yes?

      1. How many cities in how many states will the candidates be able to visit to stand on a plafform somewhere to get their message out? I think there must be at least 30 thousand cities,villages and towns in this country.

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