Is It Growing Or Dying?

For many years we hear, reading and see all kinds of reports on the government….some say it is growing exponentially and others write that it is slowly withering away to a mere shell of its former self…..reports have been done for both sides of the argument….white papers are flying off the presses….and news anchors (depending on the ideology of the media) is trumpeting both sides of this issue….here is something to consider…..the government is indeed growing but , believe it or not, dying…all this at the same time….

As the American people age, a pernicious paradox has taken hold of the federal budget: “We are slowly dismantling the federal government, even as its spending is growing larger,” observes Robert Samuelson at the Washington Post. With every budget, lawmakers are slashing into discretionary spending, but with Social Security and various health entitlement costs rising, government spending is growing anyway. The result: “Governmental competence is being systematically degraded. … We are spending more and getting less.” By 2024, current projections show that all spending on non-entitlements will be just 7.4% of GDP—the lowest share since 1940. Cuts are hitting everything from the military (sort of) to medical research to the federal courts. Yet political debates never focus on this dynamic, in part because polls show the public isn’t concerned. “Both liberals and conservatives are complicit in this charade,” but ironically it’s liberals who most refuse to discuss entitlements. Hence another paradox: “The pro-government party in rhetoric has become an anti-government party in practice.” Click for Samuelson’s full column.

I recognize that I will change NO one’s mind or thinking on this matter……just wanted to throw this out there for a little debate……

Your turn……..

2 thoughts on “Is It Growing Or Dying?

  1. “Both liberals and conservatives are complicit in this charade,” but ironically it’s liberals who most refuse to discuss entitlements”

    As the right continues to make entitlements look like an evil government conspiracy, too many on the left are willing to shift more and more in their direction where ultimately the whole debate will be that it isn’t conservative enough rather than referring to it as a liberal boondoggle.

    1. Larry, I worry that the Clintonian mindset will prevail…..his hands are not clean with the dismantling of entitlements….and Hillary may be no better….

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