Ukraine: Fires Of Revolution?

You know there is more happening in the world than the Sochi games, right?  Well you would not know it by the press…..yes, weed is now legal and yes there is another “stand your ground” trial to analyze until the cows come home and yes, Christie is still Christie….but beyond all that what is happening in the world?

Syria is still burning.  Iran is still flapping its jaw.  Israel is still building settlements.  And of course the Tea Party and its subordinate, the GOP, are blaming everything on Obama….like I said…..BORING!

I spend many hours reading foreign news and one thing that has caught my attention is the trouble in the Ukraine…..where?  I thought that was part of Russia.

Damn!  Ukraine is bigger than you thought, right?

Anyway back in November of 2013 the Ukrainian government pretty much pulled back in favor of deals with its neighbor, Russia.  And the people went batshit crazy…….apparently the people want to keep close ties with the EU and the West and are not so keen on anything Russian…….

“Mayhem” in Ukraine, declares the New York Times, amid reports that anti-government protests have boiled over in Kiev’s bloodiest day since President Viktor Yanukovich turned down an EU deal in November. Nineteen were killed in street clashes, including six policemen, reports the BBC, and details are a bit chaotic. Reuters reports the two felled officers were killed by gunfire. However, it’s unclear whether police are using live ammunition or rubber bullets; protesters were spotted with guns, but not witnessed using them. Riot police then attempted to blaze a path through the stone barriers cordoning off Independence Square using two armored personnel carriers, as protesters lobbed rocks, fireworks, and petrol bombs; those vehicles got stuck and erupted in flames with police still inside. Unrest is also spreading to Western Ukraine, where protesters have attacked police and government offices in several regions, CNN reports.

Yanukovich is meeting with the opposition in Kiev as Ukraine’s former foreign minister urges the US and EU to support the opposition, and leaders in the Ukrainian republic of Crimea are telling the president to crack down with “emergency measures,” the BBC reports. The Times reports that, against that chaotic backdrop, protesters were heard singing the national anthem in the square. The AP reports that a significant portion of their protest camp is now on fire, and says police are moving in using water cannons and stun grenades. The government has brought the subway to a halt to prevent reinforcements from bolstering the number of protesters, who, apparently disheartened by their lack of progress, earlier today left the barricaded area surrounding Independence Square and marched toward the Parliament building to demand that Yanukovich give up his “dictatorial” powers. But Reuters reports they were cut off from the building by a line of trucks, and clashes began. See more photos at the BBC.

The situation is becoming more and more volatile….in the last couple of days the situation has become what appears to the beginning of yet another revolution…….

At least 25 people have been killed and 241 injured in the worst violence in Ukraine’s post-Soviet history, according to the country’s health ministry, which says the dead include nine police officers and a journalist. The mayhem began as anti-government protesters clashed with security forces yesterday, and it continued overnight, with riot police making a fresh attempt to clear a central Kiev square in the early hours, reports the BBC, which witnessed police gain control of a corner of the square for the first time since December. As of 6am, a BBC correspondent reported “no sign these clashes will die down,” calling the Independence Square area a “battle zone.” The latest developments:

  • As thousands of police attacked the square, opposition leader Vitali Klitschko urged civilians to defend the protest camp; at least 10,000 heeded his call amid fires and exploding stun grenades, the AP reports. CNN reports that protesters fashioned a makeshift compressed-air cannon and stockpiled weapons last night, transporting stones from hand to hand, building Molotov cocktails, and fueling fiery barricades composed of wood and tires.
  • The EU and Germany are among those calling for calm, while the governments of France and Poland got more specific: They’re calling for “quick and targeted sanctions against those responsible for these acts.” Reuters reports that Francois Hollande wants to see them imposed as soon as tomorrow, at an EU meeting of foreign ministers. Meanwhile, Russia called the chaos the “direct result of connivance by Western politicians,” Reuters finds.
  • After late-night talks between President Viktor Yanukovich and opposition leaders failed to yield any compromise, the president issued a statement calling for opposition leaders to draw a “boundary between themselves and radical forces which are provoking bloodshed.” The opposition leaders said that Yanukovich’s only proposal was for the demonstrators to go home.

It is being reported that the protesters seized 1500 weapons to be used at a later date……a good beginning for a revolution……

With all this violence the Russian media has latched on to a tried and true explanation for all the violence……….It’s all Obama’s fault!  Well in reality they said that it was the US fault that all this violence is happening……and if you extend that out….it is Obama’s FAULT!

This situation is no where near at its conclusion……and I will be watching….after all….that is…..WHY I AM HERE!

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