Jurassic Park: A Reality?

The weekend begins and my mental cleansing also begins…..and as usual there is some of the really cool sciencey stuff to report…….

Remember Jurassic Park…the movie that is…..where some rich dude hired some scientist to extract DNA from bugs frozen in amber and used to bring a bunch of dinosaurs to life……a cool movie…but the sequels pretty much sucked……

There seems to be an effort a foot to bring some prehistoric beasties to life…..

The woolly mammoth may be on the comeback trail, thanks to a deal signed today between prominent Russian and South Korean scientists to collaborate on efforts to clone the extinct prehistoric beast. Vasily Vasiliev, of the North-Eastern Federal University of the Sakha Republic, forged the pact with controversial cloning expert Hwang Woo-Suk—who you might remember as the guy who faked the cloning of a human egg, the AFP reports. Hwang does have some serious credentials, however; he legitimately produced the world’s first cloned dog, and his efforts on human stem cells accidentally yielded a huge breakthrough in parthenogenesis. Hwang’s Sooam Biotech Research Foundation will transfer technology to Vasiliev’s university, which is already working with Japanese researchers on cloning the mammoth. “This will be a really tough job,” one of Hwang’s colleague says, “but we believe it is possible because our institute is good at cloning animals.”

And then will they put together a special place for these beasts to be observed and studied?  Which rich dude will foot the bill?  And this would then be “life imitating art”…….


What Will Happen To Obamacare?

By now everyone has heard about the arguments before the SCOTUS in defense and opposition to Obamacare…we have heard all the media attempts to paint this law in one light or another…..and now we all have an opinion on what will happen…..so what could I do?  Offer my opinion and add it to the yells from bloggerville…..We have to wait for June to find out what the verdict will be…personally, I think 2 of the 9 judges have already made up their minds…now they need to convince a majority to go along with them.

I found it humorous that Judge Scalia seemed to be taken aback to the fact that the bill was 2700 pages and he might have to read it…..NO such luck…that will be assigned to an assistant to write him a synopsis so he does not have to do his job……anyway, that said my prediction is……..(sound of trumpets and a huge lengthy drum roll)……the SCOTUS will beat it down………

I bet you would like to know why i think so, right?

The conservs control the court and after all it is the Roberts court that gave us the Citizen United ruling…….but if the Obama guys had any nutz they would request the a coupe of the judges recuse themselves because of conflict of interests……I know what the Hell am I talking about?

First, keep this fact in mind…..the code of Conduct for judges states……Canon 4C, which states,A judge may attend fund-raising events of law-related and other organizations although the judge may not be a speaker, a guest of honor, or featured on the program of such an event.“

Now to expand…….the Federalist Society which is a conserv legal think tank and Pfizer, Inc, a giant Pharma company recently held a dinner that included speeches and such and the program for the dinner stated that the featured guest were Supreme Court judges Scalia and Thomas… this is where the challenge should come in.

Re-read Canon 4C…………

Doubt very seriously that this will come into play or that it will even be brought up….since I think that SCOTUS is one big joke in our Federalist system, Obamacare will most likely be dismantled in the end and we can thank the SCOTUS for playing politics instead of doing their job….that is acting in a non-biased way…..a non-partisan way.

We Have A New Jobs Act!

Many of us ‘liberals’ have been bitching that the Congress has done nothing to create jobs and after all that is the single most important election issue that got many of these people elected and sent to Washington….and since they have been in the capital they have offered up bills on everything from re-naming post offices to contraception to …..just about everything but JOBS……and now there is a Jobs bill headed to the president for his signature…..that is right….you heard correctly…..a new jobs bill waiting for the prez to put his John Hancock on the dotted line……..SURPRISE!

So how much have you heard about this bill?

A rare bi-partisan bill?  Well it is election time and they do not want to be beat to death about doing nothing to create jobs……the truth is this bill does more to help businesses than it does to create many jobs…..as always the financial side of the argument won out and the people needing more and more jobs lose….yet again……

The House on Tuesday signed off on the final version of the package, aimed at helping small businesses and startups more easily raise capital by loosening various Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

“The bipartisan JOBS Act represents an increasingly rare legislative victory in Washington where both sides seized the opportunity to work together, improved the bill and passed it with strong bipartisan support,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said in a statement.

Politico is reporting……Senators tweaked the package to include an extra layer of restrictions on crowdfunding, which allows companies to raise smaller amounts of money from more people without subjecting them to SEC rules.

The JOBS Act is a collection of six measures that its backers say would make it easier for companies to go public more quickly and raise money.  (and here is who the politicians are protecting….NOT YOU!)

For instance, it allows more shareholders to invest in companies without triggering SEC regulations. Other components allow small businesses to use ads to solicit investors and permit more companies making public offerings to opt out of SEC rules.

The bill, soon to be a law, has done very little for the middle class….it has made it easier for companies to raise money……you kinda like Apple…..and how many new jobs does their IPO create?  Once again we see that the people we elect spend all their time and energy working for businesses and not the people that voted them into office….this will not create enough jobs to give validity to the title of the bill…….How much more pathetic can these baboons become?

I will pause here for the people to shake their heads and laugh out loud…..we working stiffs are so SCREWED!

Deepwater Horizon: The Result

I live on the gulf coast and was around for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill….that spill that few want to remember thanx to the high price of gas…….I am sure that all my readers saw the horrific oil goo that was all over the estuaries and the oil sheen that covered much of the northern Gulf of Mexico……and now we have BP spending like a bitch to make everything appear to be okay and that life goes on and the peasants danced!

But sports fans, is everything okay?

A recent study has confirmed that toxic compounds derived from oil that was released in the Deepwater Horizon spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico nearly two years ago has entered the ocean’s food chain through microorganisms.

The study, funded by the National Science Foundation and led by a team of researchers from East Carolina University, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Oregon State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the U.S. Geological Survey, detected chemical compounds found in oil called hydrocarbons, some known to be carcinogenic, within the bodies of microscopic crustaceans called zooplankton.

“Our research helped to determine a ‘fingerprint’ of the Deepwater Horizon spill–something that other researchers interested in the spill may be able to use,” Dr. Siddhartha Mitra of East Carolina University said in a statement. “Furthermore, our work demonstrated that zooplankton in the Northern Gulf of Mexico accumulated toxic compounds derived from the Macondo well.”

Read More…

So now the question is….is the seafood truly okay to consume?  And is everything truly okie-dokie in the waters of the northern Gulf?

2012 Anal-Ocity #16

My readers know that I from time to time find an anal statement that someone in the news makes that is either crazy, stupid, or just plain ignorant…..and then I post them and at the end of the year I have my readers vote on the most anal statement of the year…….

In 2007, I as always was making notes and I found one made by a person in the news about the war in Vietnam and as a vet of that war I found it insulting and a completely ignorant thing to say…….I did not offer it up in 2007 for some reason…my guess is I had a brain fart…..and I found it when I was going back through my notebooks from 2007…..so I want to post it now…better late than never…….

David Barton (born 1954) is an American evangelical Christian minister,  conservative activist, and author. He founded WallBuilders, a Texas-based organization with a goal of exposing the claimed US constitutional separation of church and state as a myth.   Barton is the former co-chair of the Republican Party of Texas.

Okay, we have a Christian activist that has an opinion on the War in Vietnam……

intelligence now shows that had the US just done one more bombing run, the Viet Cong would have surrendered.

This idiot just made it personal!

First, since I was there for 2 and half years, I would tell him, in person, that unless he was actually there he has NO opinion!  My advice is……… SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Second, the North Vietnamese army was just as instrumental in the war as the Viet Cong….

I am tired of all these so-called Americans that have all the answers to what happen in Vietnam and not once had someone shoot at them in anger…..the real problem is that people listen to these insulting a/holes!  Especially detest people like this bonehead that pretends to be some sort of historical expert and then tries to re-write history to suit his pathetic narrative…….

All Eyes On Obamacare

Surely you re aware of the challenges to what the GOP has called Obamacare…states with Repub control have challenged the law on various grounds and now it is before SCOTUS with a verdict due in June, in the middle of the presidential election show….was that a political choice?  I do not know….but after all it is the Robert’s court and they gave us Citizens United….so you decide for yourself…..

the latest poll shows that even with dems this law is unpopular….why is that?  The Week magazine has a couple of good opinions on the subject…..

1. The individual mandate is poison
The American people want to see Obama’s health care reforms “wiped from the books,” says Peter Suderman at Reason, and the main reason is the law’s individual mandate, which requires Americans to obtain health insurance. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released last week found that 67 percent of respondents want that part of the law removed. Even many people who otherwise like “ObamaCare” would rather “do away with the entire thing” than keep the whole law, mandate and all. Americans just can’t stomach having the government order people to purchase coverage.

2. Republicans uniformly oppose it
It’s obvious why at least half of the country hates “ObamaCare,” says Joshua Green at Bloomberg Businessweek: The law is “the signature achievement” of Obama’s first term, and that means the Republican Party is united against it. “Were the court to strike down the law, it would be a tremendous blow to Democrats.”

3. The White House lost the messaging war
For years, says Dahlia Lithwick at Slate, all Americans have heard is the steady drumbeat of GOP opposition to the health-care law. And now, in spite of the facts, many Americans think the law is unconstitutional. Blame the Obama administration’s “abject failure” to explain its own law. “Of course the public thinks the law is unconstitutional. They never heard a single word defending it.”

4. The fight is making everyone forget why we need reform
The law’s opponents make it sound like defeating the unpopular individual mandate solves all our problems, says Rick Newman at U.S. News & World Report. But the mandate, by expanding “the pool of people covered by health insurance,” makes popular pieces of “ObamaCare” possible. If it goes, so do subsidies for those who can’t afford insurance, and the ban on denying coverage over pre-existing conditions. Then we’re right back where we started, with a sixth of the population uninsured, and people dying or being financially ruined because they have no health insurance. But no one is talking about such systemic problems. We’re all too busy harping on the “ObamaCare” bogeyman.

Sorry we need health reform and we need it now…..but all this name calling and innuendos back and forth are doing NOTHING for the American people…..remember them?  They are who you guys in Washington pretend to care about…..

Now the Repubs fair hair boy, Rep. Paul Ryan, has offered up his interpretation of what is needed for a good health policy….and Ezra Klein writing in the WaPo…….

The bill works like this: The federal government subsidizes Americans to participate in health insurance markets known as “exchanges.” Inside these exchanges, insurers can’t discriminate based on pre-existing conditions. Individuals can choose to go without insurance, but if they do so, they pay a penalty. To keep premium costs down, the government ties the size of the subsidy to the second-least-expensive plan in the market — a process known as “competitive bidding,” which encourages consumers to choose cheaper plans.

The problem with Obamacare is The Affordable Care Act was based on two decades of Republican thinking about health care. The basic structure was first proposed by the conservative Heritage Foundation in 1989, first written into a bill by Senate Republicans in 1993, and first passed into law by a Republican governor by the name of Mitt Romney in 2005.

That is right sports fans…what they demonize as Obamacare is basically a conserv idea from the heritage Foundation….then why is it so toxic?….you may ask…….

The problem for the Republicans, however, is that they don’t have a better — or even alternative — idea. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, “repeal and replace” has been a reliable applause line at tea party rallies and an oft-uttered incantation on the floor of the House of Representatives. But while Republicans have united around “repeal” of health-care reform, they haven’t managed to come up with a policy for “replace.”….writes Klein……

Besides individual savings accounts for health care…what does the GOP have in way of an alternative?  I do not like Obamacare much but until someone has a viable alternative….it should be the law of the land…..attack all you want but without an alternative….you have little to say that is important……bumper stickers and cutesy slogans will do little to keep me from dying from cancer…if anything it is a source of amusement for me….a good laugh is very therapeutic!

Questions Not Asked

Recall back in the early days of the GOP hunt for the nomination when we had almost daily debates and because of those debates almost every candidate got his/her 15 minutes of fame……there were several debates that wanted people, mere mortals like me, to submit questions for the candidates via Facebook or YouTube or twitter……well I did and none of them were asked and definitely not answered…….I tried to ask question that covered a broad spectrum of issues and would give the candidates a chance to how that they were  capable of governing and not just a slogan mill…..

here were my questions at different times….but feel free to jump on these if you would like…..

1–you say China is a threat to the US, why?  give specifics.

2–Are credit cards good for the US…..why?

3–Should teachers K-12 be able to get enure?  Explain your answer.

4–Should Americans have the right to basic health care?  Explain your answer.

5–Are immigrants a net gain for the US economy?  Explain.

6–Should the US Constitution be revised?  Explain in detail why.

When I was selecting questions I tried to find ones that covered just about everything that the GOPers were screaming about and that would help us normal Americans try to understand what our power elites were thinking and pushing on the society…..

I will keep these and try again once we have our two opponents in the battle for the presidency…..but until then I would like to hear from my readers…….