Would You Vote On A Saturday?

For years the American people have not been too enthusiastic about their duty to vote……we can blame lots of things for this trend……distrust, only 2 parties, no attractive candidate, apathy…..on and on….but when we are talking about the general election for the president of the United states….we are talking about the first Tuesday in November…..and that is part of the problem, in my opinion.

Polls open when most people are headed to work and close when people are trying to get home after a dreadful day at the office….kids, work, relationships, etc all keep people from the polls…in other words life keeps them from voting.  Can there be a solution found for this problem?

I think there is a pretty good shot to fixing this problem…….

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) and Rep. John Larson (D-CT) have introduced legislation that would let Americans vote on the first full weekend in November instead of the first Tuesday, ABC News reports.

“Tuesday was chosen as Election Day in 1845, when Congress decreed it the most convenient day for farmers — they needed three days to travel to their voting place without interfering with three days of religious worship. Reformers say the law is outdated and now interferes with workers’ plans, particularly people working more than one job or single parents who have responsibilities that might eclipse voting.”

I think changing the day to vote to a Saturday would be in the best interest of the country….it would be a more simple answer to the dwindling voter rates….

Where Is This “Free Market”?

It is election time and all the candidates have a talking about the “free markets”……but what is the free market they speak of endlessly?  Everybody on the campaign trial has some policy that mention the obscure policy of free markets.

First of all,  contrary to popular belief there is NO field of study in economics called free markets…..a definition from Investopedia……In simple terms, a free market is a summary term for an array of exchanges that take place in society. Each exchange is a voluntary agreement between two parties who trade in the form of goods and services. In reality, this is the extent to which a free market exists since there will always be government intervention in the form of taxes, price controls and restrictions that prevent new competitors from entering a market. Just like supply-side economics, free market is a term used to describe a political or ideological viewpoint on policy and is not a field within economics.

If this is a catch all phrase and a bumper sticker in waiting, why is it so important?

Basically, what the politicians, both flavors, are talking about is really multinational corporations.  In today’s economy there is no local players it is all global and in as such more and more not a free market.  And today’s world offers no real free markets because of the imperfections withing the capitalist theory.  the main players in this new global economy, the multinationals, have extinguished the dream of a truly free market.

For instance, price fixing flies in the face of the old theory of supply and demand by controlling the prices…the oil industry is a good example of this,……in a world where the corporation controls both ends of the chain, the supply and the demand, the idea of market mechanisms does not apply.

There are a couple of things that multinationals have done that has turned them into the conquerors of the colonialism days……there is very little marketplace, it is give as little as possible while extracting as much as possible, they many times export more capital from developing countries than they bring in, they have intensified poverty instead of helping eliminate it, they effectively edge out the native entrepreneurs and finally, use the military to insure their continuing oligarchy.

Thus the multinationals have made a mockery of the idea of free markets…..and turns the very idea into so much nonsense.

So please keep all this in mind while you listen to your candidates go on and on about some obscure policy such as the “free market”!