Could It Be A New SyFy Movie?

It is Sunday……I can feel the energy coming back into my overtaxed brain….it is semi-orgasmic…LOL

Since I am an old fart i can remember going to those bad SciFi movies from the past…Them…..Rodan…..Deadly Mantis….on and on…..and the channel with the funny name SyFy has made some of those extremely bad movies that are destined to be in the same category…..movies like Mansquito…..Crocosaurus……etc….etc….

Now a bit off topic…..I live in the South and we here have to fight the deadly infestations of fleas every year and that is why if a person has a house and a dog they do not have carpeting….a great place for the little bastards to breed and hide in ambush……I know right about now you are asking where is this whackadoodle going with this?  Be patient it is coming!

Okay…now to the point!  Newser recently reported……

What kind of flea feeds on dinosaurs? The big kind. Scientists have found fossils of Jurassic and Cretaceous-era fleas measuring up to an inch in length buried in China, the Telegraph reports. In addition to their unusual size, the fleas’ saw-like “siphonate” mouthparts, which were used to suck the blood from their prey, are unusually long and sturdy. Because the only furry mammals of the period were very small, scientists hypothesize that such large fleas must have fed on dinosaurs—the long siphonate might have been used to pierce their hides.  Today’s far tinier fleas only prey on animals with fur or feathers, but because feathered dinosaurs have been unearthed in China, it’s possible they were the fleas’ main prey.

If you have ever been attacked by today’s fleas you can then imagine if the little buggers were still an inch or more in size!  OUCH!  Comes to mind.  Hey, if they could make a movie about giant piranhas would it be a stretch for giant fleas?