Questions Not Asked

Recall back in the early days of the GOP hunt for the nomination when we had almost daily debates and because of those debates almost every candidate got his/her 15 minutes of fame……there were several debates that wanted people, mere mortals like me, to submit questions for the candidates via Facebook or YouTube or twitter……well I did and none of them were asked and definitely not answered…….I tried to ask question that covered a broad spectrum of issues and would give the candidates a chance to how that they were¬† capable of governing and not just a slogan mill…..

here were my questions at different times….but feel free to jump on these if you would like…..

1–you say China is a threat to the US, why?¬† give specifics.

2–Are credit cards good for the US…..why?

3–Should teachers K-12 be able to get enure?¬† Explain your answer.

4–Should Americans have the right to basic health care?¬† Explain your answer.

5–Are immigrants a net gain for the US economy?¬† Explain.

6–Should the US Constitution be revised?¬† Explain in detail why.

When I was selecting questions I tried to find ones that covered just about everything that the GOPers were screaming about and that would help us normal Americans try to understand what our power elites were thinking and pushing on the society…..

I will keep these and try again once we have our two opponents in the battle for the presidency…..but until then I would like to hear from my readers…….

So You Want Solutions?

A very much appreciated reader of Info Ink is Terrance or Sibboleth Nation (go to blogroll and visit his site for a different perspective and go often) and I have been exchanging views about the high price of gas and what to do about it………

Everybody, whether left of right, has been bitching that they want solutions to the banking fiasco and for the price of high gas prices…..but are they really serious about the solutions?¬† Or are they willing to put up with the solutions?¬† Read on, McDuff!

During this circus we call an election cycle we keep hearing that all Americans want solutions to the problems that the country is experiencing…….a couple of the gas off the top of my head….Gas prices and banking…….these came to mind because I was watching an interview with Nevada’s babbling brook, Sharon Angel…..she was talking about the problems of her state and the country and as usual the housing, gas prices and lack of jobs is all Obama’s doing…..a typical BS answer for those with little brains and no logical thinking processes……

I tweeted that she should be asked to give how Obama was at fault for high gas prices…….of course not being one of the boys in the MSM, my question was not asked……I am positive that her answer would have been domestic drilling……….to begin with Oil Companies set the prices not the president….I will concede that banks are still stealing us blind is a bit of the Prez fault….Dodd-Frank was a toothless python……but the problems with Freddie/Fannie Mac is NOT the president’s fault…jobs… by now we all know whose fault that is……

Now let me say that if you want solutions to high gas prices and the banks there is only one answer for both problems…..and the answer will send the Right into convulsions………Nationalization!

Let’s start with gas prices………Mitt has said that one his first day of his presidency gas would be $2 a gallon….if you believe that then by all means vote for a liar….the only way for gas to come down is eliminate the profit margin and the only way to eliminate the profit margin is to nationalize the industry….any other solution is pure BS and will NEVER happen… matter who tells you it will.

The banking fiasco……again the only way to eliminate the boom and busts of the industry is for the government to control the industry…..and again that would be nationalization of the industry…eliminate the profits and you can eliminate the cycles of boom and bust……more regulations will not do it and less regulations will definitely NOT do it…….

The ONLY way to make good on campaign promises of cheap gas and less banking fiascoes is nationalization… it or not…….with out it gas prices will continue upward and banks will continue to gamble and get government money to pay their debts….bitching about it will NOT help….only one answer to make it so…..NATIONALIZATION!¬† Yes, the other “N” word!