Are They Serious?

It is about time for the budget game to begin again…..the GOP has been pushing the over 400 days with NO budget…the Dems are pushing that there is NO partner for serious negotiations……those are just the opening shots.

Most all the GOP wants a smaller national government and most programs returned to the states for implementation……but the part of the equation that both sides leave out is that all the programs are tied together……if the GOP wins the argue through the next election then the states will be screwed!  Why?  Good question.  Almost ALL governmental people in the states have run on the ever popular no new taxes or tax cuts….all that will have to go…..if the people of any given state want police or firemen or teachers or health care or…..well you get the point.

If all this happens there is NO state that can provide the services that we all have come to depend on….the only way is to raise taxes….oh they may call them service charges but a tax is a tax……so if you bitch about your local government…just wait until these fiscal conservs win the battle……if your officials stick to their promises of NO New Taxes then you and your community are in for a very dismal future….

Crime will rise……education will suffer the most and in an era that education is one of the most important programs for this country…….all services will most likely become privatized and if your area has dealt with this issue then you know you will be paying hard and through the nose……..

Again if this happens then there will be NO need for the government in Washington….we can go back to every state fending for itself…..back to the days of the Confederation……back to the days of ever person for themselves and screw the less fortunate….and that is not what the Founders intended.

So I ask again, “Are they serious?”  Are you serious in your pursuit of a smaller government?