Roll Tide Roll

It is once again the weekend and NO this post is NOT about the SEC or the Alabama football team……

You know that there is a black market here in the US of A, right?  Drugs, stolen cars, store equipment, babies and just about anything you can think of is sold and sold at a profit on the black market…..I thought I had heard just about everything but this just made my jaw drop……

From the website…….

It’s a crime wave made for creative reporting, or at least bad puns: Police attempt to stem rising Tide of thefts. Thieves clean up with stolen laundry detergent. Scum steal laundry soap.

In a story headlined “Grime Wave,” The Daily reports that thieves from Oregon to Maryland are stealing large quantities of Tide laundry detergent by loading it into shopping carts and pushing it out of the stores, often to waiting getaway cars.

Others say stolen Tide is sold on the black market. “They’ve done the same thing with baby formula for years,” West St. Paul, Minn., police Chief Bud Shaver told the Star Tribune. “It’s an essential. You’re going to buy it.” The Star Tribune reported recently that a Wal-Mart in West St. Paul had lost an estimated $25,000 worth of Tide over the span of 15 months.

Why Tide?

Laundry detergent is something all households need, and the price of Tide — $10 to $20 per bottle retail — translates to $5 to $10 on the black market, which makes it a stable currency, according to The Daily. Also, detergent is not perishable, and — unlike electronic items — carries no identifying information.

Police say the Procter & Gamble detergent is the most popular and most recognizable of the name-brand laundry soaps, partly because of its bright orange packaging.

“We don’t have any insight as to why the phenomenon is happening, but it is certainly unfortunate,” a Procter & Gamble spokeswoman told The Daily.

Have these people ever heard of the Dollar store?

I understand the market for drugs or a car or stereo equipment and even a baby……but laundry detergent?