I Lost The Weight!


It has been awhile since I last posted from the VOMITORIUM….hat is my sub-category for things in the news or in society that make me want to puke……this time it is all those weight loss ads we see endlessly…..most of my readers know that I am pissed off at the media elites especially when they start up on the obesity thing, especially when they talk about government intervention…..

Marie lost 50 lbs and added $50,000 of plastic to her body…..Linda lost 38 lbs and her beautiful brown hair turned blonde….Mike lost 100 lbs and he looks like death warmed over…..I guess my question is….just how affective are these ‘expensive’ programs……and then there is that magic pill that helps you lose weight and gives you 6 pack abs…..and yes…people are dumb enough to buy them…..

A study published on newleftproject.org………..

Unfortunately, weight-loss clubs such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World are part of the problem in that dieting only contributes to weight gain. It doesn’t matter which approach the slimming club takes—be it a point system, a “healthy lifestyle” change or using pre-packaged foods or supplements—clients usually lose weight in the beginning. But this initial weight loss is deceiving because after the diet, often a month or so, most people will regain most of the weight they lost. More seriously, within 4 to 5 years 95% will gain back the lost weight and one-third to two-thirds of their clients ultimately end up being fatter than their pre-diet weight. They don’t help the individual understand their appetite, how to eat with their hunger, how to recognise fullness and not override it. It substitutes compulsive eating for compulsive dieting. Although these clubs may have the best of intentions in helping people manage their health, they in fact are only contributing to the rising rates of obesity.

One of the largest motivators the diet industry relies on is shame. Instead of acknowledging that our bodies naturally resist weight loss and seek their own equilibrium, the onus is placed on the client’s lack of willpower. Research clearly shows that dieting, which relies on restriction and avoiding ‘bad’ foods, leads to overeating and binging and interferes with the proper functioning of our metabolism. Regardless of these facts, the message that slimming clubs consistently send is that we must control ourselves in order to be successful. With heads hung low, “failed” dieters return time and time again to slimming clubs with the hope that “this time” they’ll be able to stick with the program and lose the weight for good. But most of them won’t, keeping them stuck in the inevitable diet/binge cycle.

Dieting plays a significant role as to why obesity is on the rise. Tackling the issue of obesity requires a major shift in thinking. When it comes to nourishing our bodies, we have been taught to focus on external cues: follow this diet, avoid these foods, eat more of these products etc. In order for true health to be achieved, we need to redirect our focus internally. Dieting teaches us to ignore our natural hunger and fullness signals and it does not address the underlying emotional issues that can often lead to overeating.

It’s crucial to point out that although people weigh more than they have in the past, having the label of ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’ doesn’t necessarily equate to ill health. Various studies have indicated that yo-yo dieting can be more detrimental to our health than being categorized as ‘overweight’. (Many studies have shown that conditions frequently attributed to obesity such as diabetes, gall bladder problems and hypertension are actually strongly correlated with yo-yo dieting.) Furthermore, we need to critically examine what ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ really mean. These labels are derived from the flawed BMI (Body Mass Index) chart that excludes important factors such as age, metabolism rate, muscle mass and physical build. As Susie Orbach states in her book Bodies this unsound tool categorizes Brad Pitt as ‘overweight’ and George Clooney as ‘obese’.

These “miracle” diets are about as effective as debt consolidation……dismal success rate!

Let us be real…..eat less and eat colorful and you should be healthy, wealthy and wise……but keep in mind…..Eat well-Stay Fit and Die Anyway!