2012 Anal-Ocity #7

I wish I could just let some things go……my daughter tells me that I will live longer if I ignore the stupid……but unfortunately for me….I cannot!

This post is yet another anal statement made by an elected official……as a bit of a history geek I find it offensive when someone that is in a leadership position has NO grasp of history and of the idiocy they spread…………

Today’s entry into the running for the most anal statement was made by the media’s love child,….New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie……in a recent speech he made a really stupid statement and deserves all the notoriety that I can heap onto him….

Christie said: “The fact of the matter is, I think people would have been happy to have a referendum on civil rights rather than fighting and dying in the streets in the South.”

This is the rest of the quote: “It was our political institutions that were holding things back. I don’t think there’s anything necessarily so special about this particular issue that it must be handled by a Legislature. Why would that be?…I don’t understand how anybody could argue with letting the people decide this issue.”

Either Christie did not pay attention in history class or he is too young to remember what the Civil Rights struggle was all about……does he NOT realize that black people could not vote effectively in the South….in the 1960’s he really thinks that white segregationist Southerns would have voted in favor of civil rights?

This is the mindless dribble that takes our system of government to the pinnacle of stupidity!

You can’t fix stupid!


It’s All Those Damn Czars!

Today is the Penis Primary (look at Florida on a map…then tell me what it looks like)……And before the first vote is cast the MSM has proclaimed Mitt the winner….since you do not have to watch the returns maybe you would like to read this…..

Recently I wrote a post, Why Are Repubs Angry, where I asked the question that the media keeps pushing on the unsuspecting viewer……and I finally got to ask a long time conserv in my area….I have what I think is the real reason but I wanted to hear from someone that will vote GOP regardless of who is nominated….a person that thinks that the election is about beating Obama and NOTHING else…

It cannot be Obamacare for it has not been totally implemented….cannot be the spending or they would have really pitched a bitch with Bush….maybe it is the bailouts, but wait! Bush did it too and it saved us or so they would have us believe….then just what is it?

So I put my question to her….Why are Repubs angry?—–and boy was I surprised….it wasn’t Obama-care, or the bailouts or the fake issue of pushing class warfare……they said it was Obama’s use of “czars” and Obama’s circumvention of the Congress on his nominees…

At first I was flabbergasted…..I am sure I stood there with my mouth open looking like a deer in the headlights….it took me a minute to get my brain back in gear…..

First I had to point out the obvious….the term “czar” is employed in media and popular usage to refer to high-level officials who oversee a particular policy.  There have never been any U.S.  government offices with the title “czar”, but various governmental officials have sometimes been referred to by the nickname “czar” rather than their actual title.

Some people refer to those people not confirmed by Congress as czars….and that brings us to the part about the circumvention of Congress…….if that is the biggest bitch then I need to point that EVERY President since FDR has had “czars”.   GW Bush had 28 czars….Obama has had 33….. were they just as pissed at Bush?  (that is a rhetorical question for we know the answer)……..even the God of the GOP, Ronald Reagan had a czar….it was a drug czar named Carlton Turner…….

So I point out…..that to be angry about the circumvention has got to be about all circumvention…..with that said…I stand by my original conclusion…..the Repubs are so angry because there is a black man in the White House….and no amount of trying to justify any other way is just a lie and a cover up for the real reason for the anger…..

2012 Anal-Ocity #6

Is it just me or do the anal statements seem to be flying out of the mouths of idiots at an ever increasing pace?  Is it the season or just people becoming more of a dumbass than usual?

Today we have a state representative showing his true colors (they all do if they talk long enough), this it is a person from the Kansas state legislature……

State Rep. Virgil Peck, a Republican, declined to talk to a CNN en Español journalist who was waiting for him at his office Thursday. On Monday, Peck made headlines when, during an appropriations committee meeting, he made a reference to an agricultural program that controls the state’s feral hog population by shooting them from helicopters.

“Looks like to me, if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem,” Peck said.

I guess I can understand this thinking, after all it is the state that kills abortion doctors….Got to appreciate a racist that is also stupid…..and that leads me to my fav quote, well one of my favs)…..You Can’t Fix Stupid”………

From Iceland With Love

I know sounds like a good James Bond movie, but sadly it is not……I have said in the past that I love Iceland they have no problem with gays, they elect competent women in politics, crime is almost non-existent and it is a gorgeous place……..

I am sure if you have half a brain you will know that the EU is in turmoil….Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the EU is struggling to find a way to save the institution without loosing any of the member states…..and that boils down to bailouts…..bailouts to the tune of 100’s of billions of dollars….this is where the post turns to Iceland…….

Iceland is free.  And it will remain so, so long as her people wish to remain autonomous of the foreign domination of her would-be masters — in this case, international bankers.

On April 9, the fiercely independent people of island-nation defeated a referendum that would have bailed out the UK and the Netherlands who had covered the deposits of British and Dutch investors who had lost funds in Icesave bank in 2008.

At the time of the bank’s failure, Iceland refused to cover the losses.  But the UK and Netherlands nonetheless have demanded that Iceland repay them for the “loan” as a condition for admission into the European Union.

In response, the Icelandic people have told Europe to go pound sand. The final vote was 103,207 to 69,462, or 58.9 percent to 39.7 percent.   “Taxpayers should not be responsible for paying the debts of a private institution,” said Sigriur Andersen, a spokeswoman for the Advice group that opposed the bailout.

A similar referendum in 2009 on the issue, although with harsher terms, found 93.2 percent of the Icelandic electorate rejecting a proposal to guarantee the deposits of foreign investors who had funds in the Icelandic bank. The referendum was invoked when President Olafur Ragnur Grimmson vetoed legislation the Althingi, Iceland’s parliament, had passed to pay back the British and Dutch.

Under the terms of the agreement, Iceland would have had to pay £2.35 billion to the UK, and €1.32 billion to the Netherlands by 2046 at a 3 percent interest rate.  Its rejection for the second time by Iceland is a testament to its people, who feel they should bear no responsibility for the losses of foreigners endured in the financial crisis.

Read more at NetRightDaily.com…

Now think about that for a moment……(pause here for reflection……)Iceland has told the EU…”Bite Me”!

What a Unique concept!  The people telling politicians what to do….maybe there is a future for that……and we could call it….oh, I don’t know……..maybe something clever like…….DEMOCRACY!

Is Prayer A Cure All?

I know people that pray on everything….they pray for a better job, or for more tolerance (now there is a joke for SNL)…..even a program to pray gay away………. or to cure an illness that is ravishing through someone’s body…….and that is where I want to begin…..

Trine Tsouderos reports in the Chicago Tribune:

Thanks to a $374,000 taxpayer-funded grant, we now know that inhaling lemon and lavender scents doesn’t do a lot for our ability to heal a wound. With $666,000 in federal research money, scientists examined whether distant prayer could heal AIDS. It could not.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine also helped pay scientists to study whether squirting brewed coffee into someone’s intestines can help treat pancreatic cancer (a $406,000 grant) and whether massage makes people with advanced cancer feel better ($1.25 million). The coffee enemas did not help. The massage did.

NCCAM also has invested in studies of various forms of energy healing, including one based on the ideas of a self-described “healer, clairvoyant and medicine woman” who says her children inspired her to learn to read auras. The cost for that was $104,000.

More: Chicago Tribune

Dammit!  I have got to find a way to get in on the government grant gravy train!

You Really Cannot Fix Stupid!

The title of this post comes from comedian Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid”.

I seldom write about the state I live in or the people and when I do it is not too flattering….most times I think the people are really stupid or really uninformed…..but there are times that they even impress me with their lack of common sense…..like when the voters of Mississippi, my district that is, voted their congressman out of office even though he had A and A+ ratings by all the conserv groups like NRA, Pro-Life, middle class, senior groups…he was defeated because he was a Dem NO other reason….and the guy they replaced him with is an idiot…..so far his promise of jobs for Mississippi have been ignored and spent all his time with abortion, debt and just being a pain in the ass…..in other words…he is DONE nothing!

But this post is not about the political ignorance of the people but rather the lack of commonsense……as reported in the Sun-Herald……

Relatives of Dale Ray have identified him as the man seriously injured in an explosion Thursday on Saucier Lane.

Saucier said Ray was known for selling items to make money and could have been using a welding torch to cut live rounds for scrap metal. Ray had lived on the property at various times in a small camper, but Saucier said he didn’t know Ray had gone on the property Thursday.

About wait!  There is more to this story……..

He declined to discuss initial reports that Johnson was cutting on an anti-tank round when it exploded, or a relative’s belief Johnson planned to sell it for scrap.

“We are trying to find out exactly what happened and the only way to do that is to have an unbiased and thorough investigation,” Lee said.

Anti-tank rounds are high-powered ammo that can penetrate tanks and other armored vehicles. The explosive devices are not legally available for commercial or personal use.

Military-grade munitions are used in training at Camp Shelby. A spokesman there could not be reached for comment.

Let me see if I have the events in order.  Man sneaks onto a military base to scavenge for brass and other things that can be sold for extra cash….man finds unexploded ordinance and takes it back to the house and uses a torch on an unexploded shell filled with gunpowder….is that about it?
Military people that I know that train at Camp Shelby say they are always having to run scavengers away from their firing ranges….looks like they may have found their poster child for the campaign…..
In what world does unexploded ordinance seem safe to use a blow torch on?  My grandfather always said, “if you are going to be stupid, you got to be strong”.
I am sorry to be callous but I would pay good money to watch him do it again…..like the sign says over my desk….”YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID”!

2012 Anal-Ocity #5

And so the idiots speak on and on……..then there are those people that open their mouths and sh*t falls out…I call those anal statements or anal-ocities……I am sorry to say that there seems to be more and more elected officials that just do not know when to keep their mouths shut….I cannot tell if they are just stupid or maybe unfeeling and uninformed…..any way they keep talking and talking and I will keep posting and posting…….

This time it is the US Congressman from Colorado…..and when he was asked about Pres. Obama he said….

”I don’t even want to have to be associated with him,” Lamborn had said, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. “It’s like touching a tar baby, and you get it — you know, you’re stuck, and you’re part of the problem now, and you can’t get away.”

Another great American showing his true American colors!  Sorry but as elected official for the US then he needs to show respect for the person that the American people elected….by the way, overwhelmingly!

Just another possible nominee for the coveted Assie Award……good luck to Rep.  Lamborn….