How To Be Popular

My last day of much needed Zen and I was looking for something that would end my time in relaxation mode……it took some time but I found one that would put the skip in your step…….

If you are an insomniac like myself you have seen or at least heard the info-mericals on that dreaded disease……erectile dysfunction ….all the gimmicks….daily pills…..super pills…..the little blue pill and the Swedish penis pump……my bad….it was re-named…..the Acu-Vac……but is there something that you do not have to take religiously or stick the wanker in Hoover….is there not anything that can help?

While reading about Iran for stuff for posts I came across the miracle answer to my question….

David Edwards at Raw Story came to my rescue with his piece……

A Iranian who set out to get a pithy phrase tattooed on his penis got a little more than he bargained for.

The unnamed 21-year-old asked for the words “borow be salaamat” — translated as “good luck with your journeys” — and his girlfriend’s initial, “M,” on his penis and ended up with a semi-permanent erection as a bonus.

Doctors from the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah, Iran diagnosed the man with a non-ischemic priapism, a condition where blood flowing out of the penis is not sufficient enough to shrink the erection.

The Mayo Clinic defines an arteriovenous fistula as an “abnormal connection between an artery and a vein.”

In the case of the Iranian man, doctors had to implant a shunt in his penis, allowing the excess blood to drain.

“Predictably, the procedure was unsuccessful,” the study authors noted. “Because of the painless nature of erections, moderately good preservation of erectile function during intercourses, and disappointment with former surgery, the patient has declined to undergo further therapies, and lives with his condition.”

If you want to be more popular with the ladies….there is your answer…..take your Johnson out for a little ink…