2012 Anal-Ocity #2

Politicos have hit the ground running with anal statements…..after all it is an election year and I expect many more……

While doing an interview on the tube DCCC member, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said….

“I am confident that in 2012 the people will be the winner in this election cycle”  (a paraphrase)

I realize that she is NOT the first person to use this statement, on the contrary, it has been used by almost every politico regardless the color of the ideology…..but…… (there is always a ‘but’)…….after she made the statement I got to thinking…..after at least 50 years of this comment and NOTHING has actually changed for the people of this country…I mean this is a cute little sound byte…….please explain to me what the people will win…..justice for the thieving bankers?  Maybe it will be a way to get out of poverty?  Or will it be a Congress that works more than it is off……what will we, the people, win?

I truly wish that I could say something positive about this election…..but the only think that comes to mind…..same song….different singer!

Iowa: And The Winner Is!

Iowa is the most irrelevant and a total waste of time….Iowa is NOT a snapshot of what the nation will be doing …..all it is is the media’s attempt to be relevant and it is a cash cow for local stations…..other than that it is a waste of time and sanity……

But damn!  Romney/Santorum race was a close one and proved to be more interesting than I had anticipated.

FYI, one of the last polls before the caucus rated the candidates like this:  Romney-22%, Paul-17%, Santorum-16%, Gingrich-15% and the rest are just names on a list……how good were these endless polls?

But since we Americans cannot exist without a winner and a loser….I will give you the red meat you so desire…..

Romney–25% –30,015




Sad that Romney never seems to get above 25%….and now Gingrich has taken the negative ads against him personally and has promised to take Romney down with him…..also look for Perry and Bachmann to exit the race in short time…..

Oh Yay!  Now on to New Hampshire and another waste of time and sanity!  But the two debates next week should be entertaining and ugly if Gingrich holds true to his threat to Romney……