2012 Anal-Ocity #5

And so the idiots speak on and on……..then there are those people that open their mouths and sh*t falls out…I call those anal statements or anal-ocities……I am sorry to say that there seems to be more and more elected officials that just do not know when to keep their mouths shut….I cannot tell if they are just stupid or maybe unfeeling and uninformed…..any way they keep talking and talking and I will keep posting and posting…….

This time it is the US Congressman from Colorado…..and when he was asked about Pres. Obama he said….

”I don’t even want to have to be associated with him,” Lamborn had said, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. “It’s like touching a tar baby, and you get it — you know, you’re stuck, and you’re part of the problem now, and you can’t get away.”

Another great American showing his true American colors!  Sorry but as elected official for the US then he needs to show respect for the person that the American people elected….by the way, overwhelmingly!

Just another possible nominee for the coveted Assie Award……good luck to Rep.  Lamborn….

Why Are Repubs Angry?

Flash!  There was another debate last night….we can file that under….”who gives a crap”!

I ask the question because daily I am told by ALL media pundits that the GOP base is angry and wants change……….this is the reason that they have monthly, sometimes weekly, lead changes in the dash for the GOP nomination to run against the president…..and that the base does not like their choices and therefore they are angry……

I am sure that we all have heard this excuse time after time……but then I ask…..what are they angry about?

Is it Obama-care, as they call it?  Or maybe it is his stand on immigration (if he had one)…….how about his tax reforms……and then maybe it is the massive amounts of free money he gave to banks…or the fact that there are NO jobs……could it be his choices for the people to lead the various parts of the government?

So far I have not heard a definitive reason for the anger of the Repub base……I ask again….what the Hell are the Repubs so damn angry about?

Realistically, it is NONE of the things I listed…..there is only One reason that the conserv base is so angry…..


Once all the false information is eliminated……..No other reason is logical.