Random Thoughts

I make hundreds of notes a week……ideas for posts or just stuff that makes one ask…WTF?  And from time to time I post some of these thoughts that were not lucky enough to make it into a separate post…..feel free to comment on my thoughts…..

1–Is it too much to ask the a cable channel called the History Channel actually have historic programing?

2–Lohan to play Liz Taylor in a TV movie….I would rather see Lassie because at least Lassie was talented.

3–How many Americans actually believe that one can get 6 pack abs from a pill?

4–Why do adults want pajamas with feet?

5–Is it just me or does “reverse mortgage” sound like a scam?

6–Why would adults need gummi vitamins?

7–Product called “I Cannot Believe It’s Not Butter”…..I tried it….and I CAN believe it is NOT butter!

8–When did poker become a sport?

9–I do not understand a sport where you go fast and turn left.

10-Finally, I hate blind consumerism and the media for driving it….with that said I will give credit where credit is due….a clever piece of marketing…..”I take a sheet in the morning”, a guy says will standing in a bathroom…..the product is energy sheets that melt in one’s mouth….very clever!

There they are….a few thoughts that have stuck in my brain…in between the political stuff and the economic stuff…..had to get them out to make more room for more STUFF!