Wait For It!

Inkwell Institute

While you were distracted with doings in the GOP race for the nomination…….things are getting interesting.

My regular reader know that I have an interest in the Middle East, having worked a couple of years in the area, the workings of the issues and situations is just amazing….this time I would like to talk about Iran….since it is getting a lot of air time thanks to the GOP candidates and the news of the assassination and the news of the American that has been charged with spying and sentenced to death…..

What does the normal person know about Iran……they know the little guy in charge is an ass….they know that in 1979 our embassy was taken and Americans were held hostage for over a year….the country is Islamic…is that about it?

Let us step back a few decades to the 1950’s….In 1953, the United States CIA led by one of President Theodore Roosevelt’s grandsons, initiated a coup in Iran to remove the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh. The Iranian government was understandably dissatisfied with the terms of its contract with the Anglo-Persian Oil Company that allowed British interests to claim 85% of the oil profit from Iran.[9] Iran voted to nationalize the oil industry in 1951 after the British declined to renegotiate the terms. The US-led coup was successful, and the royal monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi,[10] became virtual dictator. Fearing popular reprisal, Pahlavi’s government was supported by the CIA in creating the Iranian SAVAK, a vicious secret police for the Shah’s dictatorial government.[11] We can only assume that the oil revenue sharing agreement with the Shah was acceptable to the US and UK.

Under the Eisenhower administration, the US cooperated with the Shah’s government for the development of Iranian nuclear energy through the “Atoms for Peace” program.   President Ford agreed to US full cooperation to help Iran build about two dozen nuclear energy plants. When the Iranian people overthrew the Shah’s government in 1979, the US stopped cooperating. The US backed Iraq in their invasion of Iran in 1980 and throughout the war until 1988, seeking a more US-friendly Iranian government. The US provided Saddam Hussein with the chemical and biological weapons the W. Bush administration later used as justification for invading Iraq.   Since 1979, the US has worked to prevent Iran having a nuclear energy program, even under the legal provisions of the NPT, and reneged on a multi-billion dollar contract to deliver nuclear fuel to Iran without refunding Iran’s money…….

Let’s not forget that in the 1980’s Iran was fighting Iraq and Saddam was our proxy in the area…..(thanx to Carl Herman of Washington’s Blog)……

Okay, today we have Iran doing war exercises in the Persian Gulf and flexing their muscles by threatening to shut down the Straits of Hormuz….with that threat came the US Navy’s fleet group to flex their muscles in the event that they would be needed to keep oil flowing regularly…..

Now this is all too familiar!  If anyone remembers the Gulf of Tonkin off Vietnam then you know what I am talking about…..someone is gonna react sometime soon and that will be all the provocation that is needed for military action….Maybe Israel or maybe the US….but the way this is playing out is not a good sign that we will not be involved in another conflict….and once again it would have been because of OIL!

The military-industrial complex is bemoaning the loss of revenue from Iraq……..I regret to say that some sort of action is coming and will not be before the election……I mean we just got out of one piece of armed conflict in Iraq……why wait to start another?