It’s All Those Damn Czars!

Today is the Penis Primary (look at Florida on a map…then tell me what it looks like)……And before the first vote is cast the MSM has proclaimed Mitt the winner….since you do not have to watch the returns maybe you would like to read this…..

Recently I wrote a post, Why Are Repubs Angry, where I asked the question that the media keeps pushing on the unsuspecting viewer……and I finally got to ask a long time conserv in my area….I have what I think is the real reason but I wanted to hear from someone that will vote GOP regardless of who is nominated….a person that thinks that the election is about beating Obama and NOTHING else…

It cannot be Obamacare for it has not been totally implemented….cannot be the spending or they would have really pitched a bitch with Bush….maybe it is the bailouts, but wait! Bush did it too and it saved us or so they would have us believe….then just what is it?

So I put my question to her….Why are Repubs angry?—–and boy was I surprised….it wasn’t Obama-care, or the bailouts or the fake issue of pushing class warfare……they said it was Obama’s use of “czars” and Obama’s circumvention of the Congress on his nominees…

At first I was flabbergasted…..I am sure I stood there with my mouth open looking like a deer in the headlights….it took me a minute to get my brain back in gear…..

First I had to point out the obvious….the term “czar” is employed in media and popular usage to refer to high-level officials who oversee a particular policy.  There have never been any U.S.  government offices with the title “czar”, but various governmental officials have sometimes been referred to by the nickname “czar” rather than their actual title.

Some people refer to those people not confirmed by Congress as czars….and that brings us to the part about the circumvention of Congress…….if that is the biggest bitch then I need to point that EVERY President since FDR has had “czars”.   GW Bush had 28 czars….Obama has had 33….. were they just as pissed at Bush?  (that is a rhetorical question for we know the answer)……..even the God of the GOP, Ronald Reagan had a czar….it was a drug czar named Carlton Turner…….

So I point out…..that to be angry about the circumvention has got to be about all circumvention…..with that said…I stand by my original conclusion…..the Repubs are so angry because there is a black man in the White House….and no amount of trying to justify any other way is just a lie and a cover up for the real reason for the anger…..


6 thoughts on “It’s All Those Damn Czars!

  1. You might want to let her know too that recess appointments “are nearly as old as the United States itself.

    The Advise and Consent authority of the Senate to confirm presidential appointees has been abused for political reasons by both Parties but more flagrantly by this current Senate for reasons reflected in the GOP Senate leader’s view, McConnell, to obstruct Obama in every way he can to see that he “is a one-term President”, thus the need for Obama to use his authority to make recess appointments.

    1. Larry, I went back only as far as FDR and there have been czars with the exception of Ike…..the point is that NO one has a solid reason for opposing Obama and for that reason I stand by my conclusion that he is black….

  2. I agree with your conclusion, and forgive me in advance, the Republicans just can’t live with the fact that the President of the United States is a nigger.

    1. Hansi you are so right…I have asked many conservs in the last 4 yrs and have never gotten a good solid answer and as I have said I will stand by conclusion….

      BTW, thanx for the instruction in drawing and I still cannot get a stick man right……

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