You Really Cannot Fix Stupid!

The title of this post comes from comedian Ron White, “you can’t fix stupid”.

I seldom write about the state I live in or the people and when I do it is not too flattering….most times I think the people are really stupid or really uninformed…..but there are times that they even impress me with their lack of common sense… when the voters of Mississippi, my district that is, voted their congressman out of office even though he had A and A+ ratings by all the conserv groups like NRA, Pro-Life, middle class, senior groups…he was defeated because he was a Dem NO other reason….and the guy they replaced him with is an idiot… far his promise of jobs for Mississippi have been ignored and spent all his time with abortion, debt and just being a pain in the ass… other words…he is DONE nothing!

But this post is not about the political ignorance of the people but rather the lack of commonsense……as reported in the Sun-Herald……

Relatives of Dale Ray have identified him as the man seriously injured in an explosion Thursday on Saucier Lane.

Saucier said Ray was known for selling items to make money and could have been using a welding torch to cut live rounds for scrap metal. Ray had lived on the property at various times in a small camper, but Saucier said he didn’t know Ray had gone on the property Thursday.

About wait!  There is more to this story……..

He declined to discuss initial reports that Johnson was cutting on an anti-tank round when it exploded, or a relative’s belief Johnson planned to sell it for scrap.

“We are trying to find out exactly what happened and the only way to do that is to have an unbiased and thorough investigation,” Lee said.

Anti-tank rounds are high-powered ammo that can penetrate tanks and other armored vehicles. The explosive devices are not legally available for commercial or personal use.

Military-grade munitions are used in training at Camp Shelby. A spokesman there could not be reached for comment.

Let me see if I have the events in order.  Man sneaks onto a military base to scavenge for brass and other things that can be sold for extra cash….man finds unexploded ordinance and takes it back to the house and uses a torch on an unexploded shell filled with gunpowder….is that about it?
Military people that I know that train at Camp Shelby say they are always having to run scavengers away from their firing ranges….looks like they may have found their poster child for the campaign…..
In what world does unexploded ordinance seem safe to use a blow torch on?  My grandfather always said, “if you are going to be stupid, you got to be strong”.
I am sorry to be callous but I would pay good money to watch him do it again… the sign says over my desk….”YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID”!