State Of The Union–2012

Looks like my readers are pretty fed up with the political side of life…..since the volume of comments has dropped considerably I have decided that this will be the last post I will do on the crazies running for the nomination….I will now concentrate on economics and explaining parts of the process that some may be unfamiliar with in this time of circus-like atmosphere……however I will weigh in when stupid comes to roost…….

Last night the leader of the “free world”, Pres. Obama, gave his 3rd state of the union address and it was a doozy…….kudos!  A good speech, but then aren’t they all?  The media will spin this as one of his best speeches and find all the points that they want to emphasize, whether pro a or con….now just read on and hear the truth about the speech….

With that said, did anyone hear anything new?

Let me recap…..income inequality, education, jobs, immigration, energy…..all lies told to fools!

These are the same ideas that almost every president highlights and then does NOTHING to correct the problems… kids will still go hungry, the top 1% will make billions, people will still be looking for work, and the media keep painting a system that is on the rebound…..

Let me hit you with a glove of reality…I do not care how they tart it up and no matter what sugar coated manure they hand us…….the state of our Union sucks!  No jobs, children hungry, homes lost,no real health care,  banks stealing the country blind, veterans ignored……

In other words….you wasted a lot of your time listening to stuff that will NOT happen……you could have spent your time outsourcing your citizenship to reality TV…….something Americans excel at…….

Finally, there was one less GOP whack job there…..Colorado’s Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO)….this is the guy that said…..”I don’t even want to have to be associated with him,” Lamborn had said, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. “It’s like touching a tar baby, and you get it — you know, you’re stuck, and you’re part of the problem now, and you can’t get away.”  (Another great American politician)……

Now how about the GOP response?

You would have gained more information by watching flies f*ck!

Then there was the Tea Party response.  Not even SNL could make it more humorous…….there will be a Libertarian response….and No one will care!

6 thoughts on “State Of The Union–2012

  1. It isn’t the comments I watch-it’s the hits. And mine have been elevated lately. I think a lot of people are like me, and just get overwhelmed from time to time by the volume of information. It doesn’t mean we aren’t reading; it means we’re (or I’m) struggling with how to stay mean and snarky enough to make my comnments interesting and/or infuriating (depending on your particular point of view.)

    1. Thanx Jolly…..I had this same feeling 20 yrs ago…then I was a member of the Socialist Party and trying to get people to start thinking for themselves and it was frustrating….I will still be a pain in the ass just I will not talk too much about the primaries….I think people are truly overwhelmed by the sheer goofiness of the process…..

  2. i watched most of it. Same ole same ole like you said. Informationless dribble, spoken like a great politician. Yes We CAnt!

  3. You’re right, i think people are getting sick and tired of all this political BS, especially on the GOP side were Newt and Mitt are busy ripping each other apart. Good luck in November to the winner, no matter how tarnished he may be.

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