Open Ltter To The Troops


Remember the “Matrix”? You know where life was an illusion created by a computer. Just like the Matrix, you are used by a master program called the “Complex”. Its full name is the Military-Industrial Complex. What is it, you ask?

Simply put, it is the marriage of industry, military and government for the constant increase in military strength to further expansionism and to reinforce the wealth of a few. It is a gold mine for all those involved, especially those who supply the material to create ordinance. A small group of companies make billions off of the contracts for such implements of destruction.

Again you may ask, what does this have to do with me a soldier?

Once the ordinances are researched, made and stockpiled, the money stops for there is no reason to make more. But wait! If a war starts then the weapons will be used and there will be a new need for more of these ordinances, they must be replenished.

Do you now see a trend developing? You should! The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are using ordinance at an alarming rate and yes, they must be replaced.. This will allow those few companies within the industry to accumulate more wealth. It is a vicious cycle with you in the middle.

So you see, you are nothing but a tool, along with the weapons, to work in conjunction with policy to assist these companies with their pursuit of the accumulation of wealth. A war is needed; policy provides that need and you provide the sweat. You face the dangers of war and the CEOs along with their buds in government sip champagne and plan for the next conflict that will need you and their product.

Just as the Matrix controlled lives, so does the Complex and it can be as lethal as the Matrix and its agents.

The fact is, your welfare and safety are not important to those in the Complex–only profits are their concern. Their only thought of you is how you can best be used to further their interests. While you are asked to pay the ultimate price, they are accumulating vast fortunes and looking to the next war with a smile.

It is their profits and your dangers!


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