UFC And The Future

Ultimate Fighters

In the 40’s and 50’s the popularity of boxing hit an all time high. Two men enter the ring and one was victorious at beating the brains out of his opponent. It was popular anf television made it even more popular–Friday Night Fights sponsored by Gillette.

Slowly wrestling was gaining on boxing and it the ’80’s a showman got hold of wrestling and turned it into a huge money maker. Lots of violence and blood, all the flash and bang that the tv audience could podssibly want. It became huge, pay-per-view and huge arenas, lots of cash flowing. The American audience was eating up the flash, violence, confrontations and especially the blood.

Wrestling began to lose some of its luster by 2000. But wait! A genius thought of combining the boxing and wrestling into a new sport–the Ultimate Fighter. This is where 2 guys get in an octagon shaped ring and fight using boxing, karate, judo, wrestling, yada, yada. These two go at it until someone is declared the winner. I am sure there are a bunch of rules concerning the fight, but I will leave that to those that give a crap.

IN the beginning it was two guys fighting, it morphed into teams fighting two men at a time until all fights are over and one team wins, or should we call them stables instead of teams? The organization is also pushing personalities and grudges, to help the status of the “sport”.

If all progresses along the lines that it appears to be taking now, by 2025 the fights should involve weapons and finally morph into the battle to the death. in other words a new style of gladiators.

It should go over pretty well since the American public is such a bloodthristy group. Gladiators are just what the ratings called for–It will make good TV.




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