They Came To Destroy

It is 2008 and a black man, Barack Obama, is elected president of the United States….part of the country rejoiced and proclaimed a new ear for the nation……and part went into a conspiracy spiral of doom and gloom.

This doom and gloom gave rise to the Tea Party and the election of many adherents to the precepts of this movement…..fiscal conservatism of lower taxes and debt reduction…..all noble causes that I can understand and even embrace in some part.

It then devolved into limited government, unapologetic U.S. sovereignty, and constitutional originalism.

But who were these original supporters?

In those days the Tea Party says it champions principles over politics…..on that statement I can completely agree…..sadly that was only a statement for political leverage….none of those elected had any intention of principles over politics.

Then the first appearances of guns at rallies….basically to intimidate politicians into compliance.

Yet another de-evolution of the American experience.

Finally the Tea Partyers get their chance by being elected to Congress and as usual principles meant nothing….they did their part to bring the Congress to a standstill by using the technique of obstruction.

What is political obstruction… is the practice of deliberately delaying or preventing a process or change.  Obstructionism can also take the form of widespread agreement to oppose policies from the other side of a political debate or dispute. 

So now you see what is going on in the GOP which by the way has been totally taken over by politicians who never intended to govern but rather their sole purpose is to disrupt and close down the government.

These slugs are accomplishing nothing that would assist this country to progress into the 21st century.

As long as the American voter keeps falling for carp and lies and electing total morons to Congress these divisions will continue to tug at the very fabric of our country.

If Americans truly want all this obstruction to end then the best place to start is with the rich bastards and think tanks that are allowed to dictate policy….not the people…..that is if they want this country to become a country again as opposed to the 50 separate little dictatorships that we have now.

I want a unified country….how about you?

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


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