Closing Thought–23Apr21

Another post for the “Can’t Fix Stupid” Files…….

You know what they say….”stupid is as stupid does”…..and this guy the very essence of stupid.

“Using cooking utensils when dealing with dangerous reptiles” is a bad idea, Riverside County Animal Services said in a Facebook post after a southern California man was bitten by a rattlesnake he had tried to pick up with barbecue tongs. County officials say the man, who was bitten on his left hand, was hospitalized and animal control officer Mike McGee captured the snake with a bucket and a 5-foot pair of tongs, CBS 2 reports. McGee says rattlesnakes are usually released within a mile of where they were captured, but this one was euthanized because it “was highly likely this snake might end up in one of the adjacent homes again.”

“A coiled rattlesnake can strike the length of its body and the bites are painful and, in some rare cases, fatal,” warns Animal Services Commander Chris Mayer. The bitten man, a Corona-area resident who asked to be identified only as Steve, says he was worried about children encountering the snake after he spotted it near his home Saturday evening, but he soon realized that trying to pick it up with 14-inch tongs was a big mistake, NBC Los Angeles reports. Steve says he was part of a team that cleared rattlesnakes in the military and he thought he would be able to safely “assess the situation.” He says antivenom prevented him from becoming seriously ill, but the bite was “extremely painful.”

The American gene pool gets more shallow as the years go by. (more on this situation this coming weekend)

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GOP Has A Plan!

Now there is a headline that we have not seen in over 4 years…..and it is a good sign for the future?

I would not go that far but it is a small bit of good news…

Infrastructure is the new buzzword…..ours is in need of immediate addressing……Biden has offered his vision for our infrastructure…..

And now the GOP has offered their compromise on the subject…..

Senate Republicans rolled out an $568 billion infrastructure plan on Thursday, kicking off Congressional negotiations on one of President Joe Biden’s biggest legislative priorities.

It was introduced by Sens. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia; Roger Wicker of Mississippi; Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania; John Barrasso of Wyoming; and Mike Crapo of Idaho. The amount is lower than the $600 billion range that Capito suggested last week.

“This is the serious, most robust plan we’ve put forward as Republicans,” Capitol said at a press conference on Thursday. “We see this as an offer that’s on the table.”

CNN offered a more concise look at this proposal.

Page 2 of GOP Infrastructure Plan

I am amazed that the GOP grew a set and has offered up this proposal…..personally I do not think that little amount will do much to solve too many of our infrastructure problems.

But at least they formulated a plan….nice to see they are attempting to re-join the governing process….but I think there will be push back within the party.

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Asian Hate

A new day dawning?

By now we all are well aware of the hatred and the violence committed against the Asia-American community….a growing problem since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus and it being blamed on the Chinese.

The Congress has promised to do something….most time this is an idle promise but not so this time around….the Senate did something…well all but one that is….

The Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation Thursday intended to counter violence against Asian Americans, which has increased during the pandemic. Majority Leader Charles Schumer said passage sends a message to Asian Americans that the government is listening and reassures them that “hate crimes will not be tolerated.” The bill passed 94-1, with Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri the only senator opposed; it goes to the House now. Hawley previously complained the bill was “hugely over broad,” per the Hill. One university study found hate crimes against Asian Americans rose 149% last year in 16 cities. Republicans’ objections had included calling the legislation unnecessary because of existing hate crime laws. Democrats agreed to allow votes on three GOP amendments, all of which were rejected, and the bill passed.

Advocacy groups praised the legislation, including the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, though it also called for approaches outside of law enforcement, per Politico. The legislation would require a Justice Department official to review hate crimes tied to the coronavirus and help strengthen local hate crime reporting. The Biden administration has announced its own initiative at the Justice Department and devoted $50 million to helping Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. The legislative effort was led by Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono, one of two Asian-American senators. The other, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, talked about her elderly mother being harassed while trying to buy grapes. “This bill will allow me to go home to my mom and say we did something,” she said.

A very rare bit of bi-partisanship that will probably go no further than this one bill.

Do not hold your breath that this will be the dawn of a new day in the US Congress….because you will turn blue and die.

Will this curtail the violence directed toward our Asia-American community….sorry but I am not too optimistic.

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