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Closing Thought–22Apr21

This sector of IST keeps expanding…..for there is a wealth of stupid out there I intend to shine a lot on as much as possible.

Meanwhile back in the Red States of the New South….where the important issues are abortion and bathrooms….not the solutions to the problems of the residents.

This is yet another stupid law that would invade the lives of people…..

Arkansas GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson did a good thing and vetoed a bill that would criminalize healthcare for transgender kids. Naturally, the Republican-majority legislature in the state was less than pleased, but determined to make their their state even more inhospitable to transgender people than it already is just by virtue of being Arkansas. So they overrode the veto. The Arkansas House passed a bill allowing teachers to misgender their students and call them by the wrong names, and now they want to pass another, equally terrible bill meant to facilitate discrimination against trans people.

The “Arkansas Privacy Accommodations Act,” (HB 1882), sponsored by Rep. Cindy Crawford (not that Cindy Crawford), would allow people who happen to encounter a trans person in the bathroom of a public agency or entity to sue for “monetary damages for all psychological, emotional, and physical harm suffered.” How one would even begin to quantify something so ridiculous is unclear.

The bill is set to go before the State Agencies and Government Affairs committee today, and will likely be passed, given that the Arkansas legislature seems to really hate trans people.

Co-sponsoring the bill is none other than Mary Bentley, the Arkansas Republican who was the primary sponsor of both the bill that would allow teachers to bully trans students and the bill to teach creationism in schools. She’s a real peach.

The bill defines “sex” as “a person’s immutable biological sex as objectively determined by anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth” — a definition clearly meant to appeal to transphobes who don’t even know intersex people exist. However, it also says that “evidence of a person’s biological sex includes without limitation any government-issued identification document that accurately reflects a person’s sex.”

Surprisingly, it is actually fairly easy to change one’s gender on an Arkansas driver’s license — all one needs to do is to ask the clerk at the DMV office to change the gender to M, F or X. Because guess what? As super backwards as Arkansas is, they have a nonbinary gender option on their driver’s licenses, and they were the first state to do so, back in 2010. Go figure.

Now, sure. They expressly say “that accurately reflects a person’s sex,” but how the hell are they going to know? Are they going to actually inspect people’s genitals? Ask to see their birth certificates to see what gender they were assigned when they were born? How far are they planning to take this? And boy, won’t things get awkward in these bathrooms when these transphobes think they see someone who is of the “opposite sex” in their bathrooms but isn’t? Will they still be entitled to damages for the “psychological, emotional and physical harm” suffered if they’re wrong? Because there are many, many ways this could go wrong, especially if Arkansas expects transgender men to use the women’s room and expects transgender women to use the men’s room.


Once again the Red States find a solution that there is no problem….instead of trying to end hunger or homelessness or education they prefer to worry about bathrooms and the sensibilities of morons.

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Trump’s Trail Of Breadcrumbs

Ever since he was soundly defeated in 2020 Trump has been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for the devout……the trail leads to the 2024 election in which he keeps leaving those crumbs to keep the worshipers in-line….

He has done it again in a FOX News interview…..

Former President Trump is keeping his name alive as a potential 2024 candidate. “I am looking at it very seriously,” he told Sean Hannity in an interview on Fox News on Monday night. “Beyond seriously. From a legal standpoint, I don’t want to really talk about it yet. It’s a little too soon.” Trump didn’t elaborate on what he meant with his reference to the “legal standpoint,” though USA Today notes he is under investigation in New York over his financial dealings and in Georgia over allegations of interference in the 2020 vote count. “Look, I’ve got tremendous numbers,” Trump said when Hannity pressed him on a possible run. “There is more popularity [for me] now than there was the day before the election,” he added, citing concern about migrants at the border, taxes, and gun control.


Even if he doesn’t run, however, Trump made clear he intends to play a role in shaping the GOP agenda by supporting candidates on the state and national level. “If they need a rally, we’ll do a rally,” he said. “We’ll do calls. We’ll do all sorts of things.” He also made a point to single out for criticism Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, two Republican senators who have sometimes opposed his agenda, and he complained that Democrats are more unified in Congress. The solution is to run more candidates who back his “America First” movement, says Trump. “If you want to win and win big, you have to do that,” he says. “You have to do it.”

He will not commit… is more profitable to keep the worshipers on the hook until the last minute.

Will he or won’t he?

If the cash dries up he won’t but as long as morons keep send cash he will in 2024.

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Police Reform?

Chauvin is guilty….guilty…..guilty…..

And now the call arises yet again for police reform…..

There has been a couple of years that the call has gone out for more police reform to try and curtail the rising incidents of killings by the police…..a subject I have given my thoughts….

Is It Police Reform….Or Defund….Or Abolition?

Biden And Police Reform

Both parties have jumped on the bandwagon on the recent verdict….

Lawmakers from both parties are expressing satisfaction with Tuesday’s guilty verdict of former police officer Derek Chauvin for murder and manslaughter in the killing of George Floyd, the AP reports. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters says: “I’m not celebrating, I’m relieved.” Sen. Tim Scott, the chamber’s only Black Republican, says he is thankful for a verdict that shows “our justice system continues to become more just.” Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock says he hopes the verdict will let “people who have seen this trauma over and over again” know the nation’s laws can give them equal protection.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expressing thanks to Floyd “for sacrificing your life for justice.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says Congress must keep working on legislation “to bring meaningful change” to police departments. Former President Barack Obama says the conviction was correct but only one step in the fight for justice. In a statement, Obama said true justice requires Americans to understand that “Black Americans are being treated differently every day” and that millions live in fear that their next encounter with law enforcement could be their last. “Today, a jury did the right thing,” he tweeted. “But true justice requires much more.”

This spin will do little to change the climate in this country.

The Dems have tried (I will give them their props for that) with the George Floyd bill… case you have not heard of read about this attempt at police reform then I have link for you…..

For god sake read it before you form some ill-advised opinion!

But for lazy fools here is the short version…..

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, a reform bill that would ban chokeholds and alter so-called qualified immunity for law enforcement, which would make it easier to pursue claims of police misconduct.

The 220-212 vote, mostly along party lines, came nine months after Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, was killed by Minneapolis police officers last spring.

The wide-ranging legislation would also ban no-knock warrants in certain cases, mandate data collection on police encounters, prohibit racial and religious profiling and redirect funding to community-based policing programs.

This is an excellent bill and an excellent attempt but sadly it will go nowhere in the US Senate….the domain of of cowards and worthless leaders…..

We need to be realistic….nothing will change….and here is why…..

How Views On Black Lives Matter Have Changed — And Why That Makes Police Reform So Hard

While the country watched and waited for the verdict in the Chauvin murder trial…..the police commit murder yet again…..

Minutes before the guilty verdicts were announced in Derek Chauvin’s trial Tuesday, a Black teen girl was shot dead by a police officer in Columbus, Ohio. Bodycam video was released within hours of the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, Heavy reports, but it is very difficult to watch. Police responded after someone called 911 to report they were being threatened, the AP reports. The video shows a physical altercation involving a number of people; Bryant is shown swinging a knife at one person, then after that person falls to the ground, she charges another person and pins them against a car while apparently still holding the knife, though some say she dropped it before the officer shot. Bystanders in the video can be heard reacting to the shooting, with one man telling the officer, “She’s just a kid.” A steak knife or kitchen knife fell to the ground next to her body. She was pronounced dead at a hospital.

As I said NOTHING has changed!

We desperately need police reform….sadly I just do not see that happening any time soon.

The one caveat is the trial of the 3 officers that stood by….their conviction could start the process of reform.

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